11 April 2011

Sunday blog week 27 done on a Monday

Vain bastard.
001. Firstly i want to say i am very sorry this is a day late! I completly forgot about it yesterday and i was busy. And again I'm sorry this is a late post too! I've been..Well I haven't even been busy today! I was in bed most of the day watching all of series 1 of  the only way is essex and then all of series 2. I am now up to date with it and thanks to my friend Lily i am now addicted too it. 'Lookin Reem, Smelling Reem, Being Reem. Reem'. had to add that link I'm sorry. See how addicted to it i am?

002. the very vain photo was taken just as i was leaving on Saturday. I think it was, It was so so so sunny this weekend in Brighton it was ridiculously nice! and i have some tan lines on my legs which i am very proud off i normally always burn and it's not even summer yet and i have tan lines. Yay the little things that make me happy hahah. so yeah most of the weekend was spent sunbathing in pavilion gardens with friends, It was nice. 

003. today was spent in bed and tomorrow might just have too be the same. I see a pattern occurring, I am so lazy it's ridiculous! if it's sunny I'm going to get on with some art work as i am away all of next week so i wont get any done and it has to be done! you can all help if you like. I have to research some fashion designers and they have listed the usual, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. but i was wondering if any of you had any influential designers i could research to make my sketchbook exciting? anything would help! 

004. the rest of the week is a lazy week. I think I am seeing a few college friends this week for tea and sunbathe (oh please sun stay!) and wednesday i am going shopping in Brighton. And i am going shopping again on Thursday but this time it's with family. Can't remember where we are going but i think it might be in Southampton? or Portsmouth ...god knows! but that'll be good as i want to get loads of new clothes for the warm weather we are all having. and then on Friday i am going up to London but not for shopping which is unusual for me! i am going to go visit some exhibitions knowing me and lily we will end up shopping as we probably wont be able to find any good exhibitions. Anyone know any good ones on at the moment (preferably textiles/fashion ones)

005. I will stop rambling now so i hope you've all had a really lovely sunny weekend like i had and i hope the weather is still as nice as it was. It was a little cloudy today in Brighton and windy which was annoying but I'm hoping tomorrow is lovely! 


  1. Beautiful sunny photo! Nothing wrong with being lazy, sounds like you need a good ole' rest anyways! Have a good week lovely xx

  2. im obsessed with towie too - your picture is very reem! xx

  3. Hope you have a wonderful week hun! xxx

  4. LOLs! Your photo capion is hilarious haha.

  5. Your photo isn't showing :( Love the only way is essex and i don't care how trashy it is! lol


  6. Love the sunglasses!
    I'm really lazy too.. I have 3 2000 word essays and 2 presentations to do but I'd rather sleep/watch crap tv.
    Southampton's near me! It's good for shopping but I've heard Portsmouth is better.. I haven't been that far yet though!
    I'm going to London on Friday too.. but only on my way back to Winchester. I have to spend about an hour sitting around Waterloo station waiting for my train. Boring!! Hope you have a good time :) xx

  7. don't get me wrong, i love vivienne and mcqueen, but maybe try an older label.. vivienne westwood has been around for a while and she is iconic but not in a fashion-CHANGING way. like if i were to do something based in the states, i'd do halston. just the way they came about to be, why it's a big name, etc. more than just why it's popular now.

    probably not helpful at all haha, oh well. but you aren't vain, you're pretty! you're allowed to take pictures of yourself whenever you please if you're that pretty!

  8. SUCH a sick picture! I love the gleam of the sun. Makes a great effect. And you are totes not the only one who's lazy! I literally just come back from my classes and crawl in bed and sleep whenever I have a spare hour or so haha. Hope you enjoy your night!


  9. i love ur sunglasses, they suit you so well !

  10. great photo :) I wouldn't worry about being lazy, I think pretty much all of the rest of us are just as bad! I know I am!

    and about the designers to look at, I've always liked looking at less well-known designers, there's a designer called Iris Van Herpen whose stuff is really amazing and sculptural. but I suppose it depends on what sort of research you're doing really and if you're looking at the evolution of their work over the years because obviously people like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood are great examples of that.

    and there is a Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A museum which is meant to be really good, I'm hoping to go myself at some point, so maybe you could go there? :)

    hope that helps! :)


  11. I've been watching a bit more of that essex show and its one of those kind of love/hate shows! You think 'what the hell are they thinking!' but its entertaining. I reckon he was just ashemd of having size 7 feet on that other episode haha!

    That photo is striking!!! the sun really was shining, the weather here is still sunny but bloody windy! Not good.

    Hope you have fun in laaandan! I usually try and do that when i have to go to exhibition :P but if fear of getting lost I stick with the lecturers! xxx

  12. i like your blog a lot (:
    and beautiful picture ! xoxo

  13. i'm totally addicted to towie, its AMAZING! When joey did the 'reem speech' in front of the mirror it was brilliant. Its one of those programmes that you have to love due to the amount of cringe worthy moments! haha.

    Sucks the sun has gone today! i was getting so used to it, have a brill time in london! xxxx

  14. haha love only way is essex!
    also in brighton, loving the lovely weather though its meant to rain today :(
    have a good time in london


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  16. love the photo!! i hope the weather stays too :)

  17. Your posts are amazing!!

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    please check it out!!


  18. Ah ha don't worry I'm literally addicted to 'TOWIE' too and Joey is my favourite character by a long way he's literally hilarious! Loving the sunglasses too they look fab on you, or should I say reem :) x


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