17 April 2011

Sunday blog week 28

Denim jacket Vintage || Playsuit Topshop ||
okay so i did actually just do this post but for some reason none of the photos where uploading or something? I don't know! it was pissing me off so much and i get angry at the littlest things so it wasn't good. but anywho I'll do it again. I think this might be the first time..Ever that i haven't rambled on at the start without putting photos first. Woah whats wrong with me. Well don't be alarmed my rambling will now come after the photos. So yeah this was my outfit yesterday, the weather was warmish (truthfully i can't actually remember what i did yesterday..Worst memory ever) so i have no idea where i wore this. but i did end up wearing it to my friends but without the jacket. the jacket is actually a vintage Levi one apparently? i got it from my Auntie and she says it's old as the Levi sign has a capital E instead of a small e? who knows. I wore it with my Topshop playsuit which i bought last year in the summer i think i love it but never wear it for some reason.
I've got a different sunday blog layout this week if you hadn't already guessed. I'm going to do a sort of 'Week in photos' sort of thing. not sure if it's going to be every week but now that i have my blackberry i always just snap pictures out and about and i thought i might aswell show you my week. 
The sun from last week,  can't believe how warm it was! 
Where I've spent most of my week. Lazy shit, I love my bed too much though
Some research work i started, shit page and i want to re do it but blergh i can't. does anyone else do sketchbooks and just not do them right? just me ok.
Wagamamas lunch in Portsmouth on thursday. God it was good
This was early today, after our early breakfast in town. we sat in the sun. I wish i hadn't put tights on it was so warm!
so I'm not sure if i like the way I've laid this out? bit too picture heavy right? Tell me what you think though!
so I hope you've all had a lovely week and weekend! and i want to say thank you for being so nice to me about my video. I was worried about it cause i sound a bit like a 13 year old boy.  
I'm not going up to Milton Keynes anymore and I'm not going to London tomorrow either. God i am so un organised (well truthfully it's my friend who is unorganised I'm more OCD to be fair) oh well! i don't mind though I'm sure I'll get up to London some point even though i am having withdrawal symptoms and neeed to go there (or even better i need to move there NOW)

Tomorrow is going to be spent either sunbathing in the garden doing work or sunbathing with my best friend before she goes back to Milton Keynes!
Also quickly want to say I've added a lot more things on Ebay!


  1. I like the layout as all the images are broken up with text, plus it's nice to get little snapshots of all the different things you've been up too. It looks great :) That's a shame you don't get to go to London or Milton Keynes tomorrow but have fun sunbathing :) I'm jealous I wish I was tanning instead of working hehe x

  2. I saw your original post Rose, had a comment typed out and everything, then it wouldn't send! I love your outfit sweet, the playsuit is perfect for the Summer! Your bedsheets are so nice, I might invest in another new set soon (: I hate sketchbook and portfolio work too, such a perfectionist and I always want to redo them. We should totes plan a London meet-up over the Summer aha ;) I'm thinking of organising a South Coast blogger meet-up with two other bloggers but don't know how popular the idea would be! xx

  3. I like the layout :-) and I TOTALLY get what you mean about sketchpads, I alwaaaaaays do that!x

  4. Heyyy so you got my note about the photobucket crap? I've seen way worse damage to a blog I wouldn't worry!
    When I go to Brighton this summer, I should defo go to that cafe. Craving a cuppa right now!
    It would be mine

  5. I thought your first video was dead sweet, love hearing other southern voices, makes me feel at home while I'm in the north! So I'm hoping you make more. I wore leggings today and regretted it, so nice and warm sitting outside!
    The view from your window in the first photo looks so lovely xx

  6. i love the playsuit! i used to be really fussy about my sketchbook work too, at college we were encouraged to think about the aesthetics of our sketchbooks and then at uni were told it wasn't important at all, very annoying! x

  7. I love your playsuit! You look lovely :)xox

  8. love the layout! and the outfit, i want that jacket xxx


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