23 September 2010

Birthday Blues

I apologise again (been apologising alot recently on this blog) I haven't posted in a few days. my life is pretty hectic at the moment. College is taking it's toll on the old Rose. Who is lazy and doesn't get up. But is now having to get up at 7.30 and gets home at 6 everyday (feel sorry for me?) so Yeah It's been manic and tiring so i haven't had much inspiration on any post. and it was my birthday of course so i was busy. I am so excited because I'm off to London on saturday to shop till i drop. Got about £300 for my birthday so I'm spending it wisely, New winter boots and some chunky knitted cardigans i think! anyway this post is a quick one as i have alot of college work to get on with. But i thought I'd show you what i was thinking off buying on saturday! I'd love to hear your comments on the things i choose, It's always nice to know what people think! so i was having a rummage through Urban Outfitters website and of course i found lots of lovely things i wanted. So here you go. 
1 . It's not like my normal style but that's what appealed to me. I love the neck line and sleeves and it looks very elegant (is that how you spell elegant? god knows my dislexia is kicking in tonight haha) . the neck and sleeves are velvet which I love!
2. This cardigan is perfect, exactly what I've been looking for. They have a range of colours so I think I'll find it hard to choose from them! I'm loving the burgundy colour and cream. The only downside is is the fact that it's £65. But i do have £300 so maybe i could spare with £65 cause i have been wanting one like this for a long time. 

3. I love this t-shirt! I have a bit of an obsession with floral prints so this t-shirt just has to go straight onto my wish list. because I'm at  college now and I'm sitting at a desk drawing and painting all day i need to be comfy and have loose clothing. So I'm trying to invest in baggy t-shirts and cosy cardis so this top would be great, stylish yet practical
4. This colour is my new winter favourite. It's so lovely and feels wintry too. I think I'll definatly be buying this cardigan when i get to London. perfect colour and perfect shape. It's kind of a blazer look but a cardigan so it's got a really nice shape to it. Loving it! (sorry my writing is becoming less and less interesting as i go along. I'm becoming very tired)

I was  going to do some more cause theres so much i want. But I'm falling asleep in the keyboard so i must go! I finished my college work while writing this so at least that's all done! oh and i just want to say Hello new followers! thankyou for following the ramblings of Rose. I have been getting new followers each day and it puts a smile on my face when i slump back home at 6 from college. so i couldn't thankyou enough. So the next time you hear from me should be Sunday, I am going to London saturday day and then have my birthday meal with my friends in the evening so i hopefully will blog about what i wore then, what i wore to London and what i bought in London. And then I'm off to a party after my meal, So hopefully I'm not feeling too worse for wear on sunday because i need to fill you in with my purchases. 

                                                                  Rose xo 


  1. Aw that's rubbish! But yay for shopping, £300 is amazing! xo

  2. Those are such cute looks! I like the last one the most. :)

  3. the got really lovely outfit.


  4. Love your wish list, you've picked some great pieces, perfect for Autumn / Winter.

    Just found your blog & became a follower xo

  5. Urban Outfitters is so nice, but I can never afford anything from there!

  6. Item 1 is beautiful will look great at college as well :)
    I know how you feel I come home from school then I've got tutors to look forward too


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