27 September 2010

Monday blog week 4

 Monday blog. I actually remembered this time! so this post is going to be a bit different to the normal 'Monday blog' because I have some photos to show you. of the things i bought in London! and what i wore at college today. so i got £300 for my birthday and I think i spent £200..but I'm not sure cause I'm too scared to look just in case I'm dissapointed and actually spent alll my money! but anyway heres what i bought
urban outfitters boots.

1.These are my new favourite shoes. I saw them on them on the website and wanted the Brown ones so badly but i went into the shop and they only had black in my size. but I'm still in love! I'm also even more in love because they cost £38 and i was almost going to buy some for 90 something from Office! so i am a very happy chap.

Topshop Floral shirt

2. this isn't a great photo of this because it's on my mannequin with other things but this is the floral shirt i bought from Topshop (£48). I've wanted it for ages and they had a size 8 but when i tried it on it had a mahoosive rip in the arm but just in my luck they had a size 10 petite so i bought it! I wore this to my birthday meal on Saturday with a black playsuit and brown belt. Loving this shirt 

Topshop Jacket , H&M playsuit

4. I apologise for the crappy photo but this was on my way to college this morning so i got a quick snap! this is my new jacket the denim with sheepskin fur in (£48). I'm still not sure I do love it but I'm not sure if i should go for the leather jacket with sheepskin fur in. ah i can't decide! you lovely people help me decide, Should i keep this jacket? Also underneath is my new burgundy cardigan but you can't really tell. I have a better picture for that though so it's all good.

4. oh god never realised how awful this photo was. And i apologise for the lighting! this was when i got back from College so it was about 6 o'clock. this is the cardigan i bought from Urban Outfitters. I love it! I've been wanting a burgundy cardigan for so long and this ones really nice. It has  really nice like black leatherish buttons. It cost me £38 i think, so that's pretty good!

5. this is the necklace i bought from Topshop, It was only a fiver so i thought why the hell not! i never wear jewellery so i thought I'd buy it. and i have wanted it for a long time. it goes with everything too so it's great. I was happy because i got money off at Topshop cause i used my student card! i spent £98 but only paid £88. still alot though! i don't think I've ever in my life spent that much money!!

Okay so that is all that i bought...Oh wait no it's not! i bought a oversized bluey/green cardigan from Beyond retro but i just remembered i forgot to take a photo! it will probably be featured in a up and coming outfit post though so don't you worry! I didn't buy that much in London. but the things i did buy I'm really pleased with!. I also have some other things to show you. I thought I'd include outfit post aswell for this Monday blog. 

so this was my Monday outfit! i wore this to college. I tried to go for comfy but fashionable at the same  time, I wore my new burgundy cardigan that i am in love with. I wore it with this new playsuit well i say new i mean it's new to me. I swapped clothes with my friend I gave her my American apparel pull over jumper and she gave me her playsuit. I think it's a pretty good swap. the only problem is is the playsuit is a size 14 and I'm a size 6/8 soooo it's a tad too big. It doesn't actually look that big in the picture! so i have to wear a belt with it most of the time. but i like it! I also wore my new primark tights that i must say i love but have had to be thrown in the bin when i got home because they have got too many ladders in them. SO annoying that's the problem with buying primark tights. but i like them too much not too. They are a grey colour with polka dots. I also wore my brogue which i haven't worn in years. They're abit battered. I can't actually remember how much they were but they're from Topshop. I also wore my primark socks which shockingly there actually knee high but i couldn't find my good socks in the morning so had to pull down knee high socks. My feet were abit tight in those shoes but oh well. So that was my college clothing for today. now onto tomorrow!? i have no idea what to wear. this is hard anyway i'd also like to show you some new jewellery that my friends got me for my birthday
this is my new ring! It's huge and my fingers looks small next to it hahaha. I love it though! as i was typing this i pierced my ear again. did the second hole! i think i did it too close to the first..but oh well

My minds gone blank I was going to write about something else but it's completely gone from my mind!. Anyway i hope you enjoyed my Monday blog! and I will post again soon. hopefully. Also thank you to all the comments and new followers I love you all. would anyone like to suggest some tasks or tips that i could do as a challenge post? If you get me..email me at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk or tweet me at http://twitter.com/roseedl

                                          Rose xo


  1. Lovely buys sweet, hope you had an amazing birthday! I have similar boots to yours, but mine were from River Island! I can honestly never find that playsuit in H&M, I've wanted it for aaages haha! xxx

  2. Amazing buys! I need that denim jacket in my life, I fell in love with the leather version but already have a leather jacket so this is perfect, thank you for bringing it to my attention :)
    And those boots...gorgeous! x


  3. definetly keep the denim jacket! i much prefer it to the leather ones...

  4. You are a shopping QUEEN! I have similar boots to your top ones but from New Look and in brown, so so comfy and I like that it's a more subtle nod to the shearling trend - can't see these boots looking dated :) jazzy ♥

  5. Those boots are amazing.38 squid as well...holy hell! I need to get in on some of that action...however whenever I'm in Urban Outfitters I never seem to find anything under 60quid. You got a pretty good haul though.

    (Also denim shearling jackets are my fave)



  6. Yay for birthdays!
    Loving you new goodies :) Especailly the boots, they're amazing!!

  7. i love all the fur you have going on!

  8. those boots are B E A UTIFUL! i love them so much! so jealous! x

  9. I love those boots! definitely want a pair xo



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