28 September 2010

I never know what to call these posts? I find it hard! anyway i think this is the first time I've posted 2 days running. I've actually remembered to take photos I'm surprised at myself. So today i was at college all day again. it's becoming abit repetative, I'm not enjoying college at the moment.

so this was my outfit, shamefully i wore the same cardigan as i did yesterday. but who cares! it's just so comfy and warm i had to. the weather wasn't great today it was muggy and cold. so i wore my leggings (topshop) and my stripey top (H&M). It's actually a really boring outfit but i was too knackered this morning to think about style. I wore it with my new furry boots which i featured in my last blog post.

I was going to show you my makeup and stuff like that. But i uploaded all the images and then some reason they all went? ah so annoying. And now i don't have enough time to finish this blog off. so i aplogise for that..i'll do a proper one tomorrow, any suggestions on what i should blog about? Give me a challenge, It could be a new feature 'Challenge Wednesday' or something haha.


  1. oh i love the pretty plum color of that cardigan!.xx

  2. Thomas Henry Ward8 September 2012 at 22:43

    Such a cute cardigan. =] -x-


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