06 September 2010

Monday blog 2

Finally i have good quality pictures. I have a new camera and i couldn't be happier! it's not a proper photography camera or what ever they are it's just a digital one but it's better then using my phone!. so anyway here is my Monday blog week 2. 
Today was good. My friend got back from holiday so i went to see her and we went to town and Starbucks i also had to go to college with her because she had an interview. so that was abit boring but apart from that it was nice! sorry about the bad photo. I was in a rush to get a photo because i forgot about this blog. and I'm not looking my best right now. In other good news my Auntie has given birth to a baby boy last night I'm so excited cause it wasn't meant to be born for another 3 weeks so it was a surprise. I'm going up to London on Saturday to see it I'm excited about that too cause i love love love London. the new baby is going to be called Charlie. and Chuck as a nickname i was happy about Chuck cause i love Chuck from gossip girl! i was a tiny bit dissapointed cause i was so looking forward to having a girl cousin but oh well i love babys! so my week is quite busy. for me anyway. tomorrow I'm going shopping all day to get college clothes which I'm in desperate need off so i can blog about them when i come back. lets hope I'm on a role with shopping cause i need to get some actual clothes. I'm thinking of spending most of it in primark/H&M cause i just can't afford to buy things from topshop at the moment which is annoying! sorry I'm not concentrating on this blog right now cause Big brother come dine with me is on haha i love it. I'm abit dissapointed because i didn't get any comments on my last blog! was it THAT boring?  I apologise if it was. I'll try again next time, so for now it's goodbye!
                                                                     Rose xo


  1. you look lovely in this picture, your eyes are huge and lovely ♥

  2. You look so pretty! I love the name Charlie, so cute :)


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