17 September 2010

Autumn wardrobe

Hello! It's a friday and I'm exhausted. It's not good who knew college was so tiring? So yeah the last time i blogged was on tuesday and that was the second day off college and now I've finished a whole week! I love it. so exciting and can't wait to start all the projects. enough about college and now onto clothes clothes clothes. Since being at college for a week I've realised how hard it is to find a different outfit for each day seeing as i don't own that many clothes (in my opinion, not my mums she says i have too many) so I've been browsing some website and of course i found some great things on Topshop. I'm really loving it at the moment. all the autumn things are so nice the colours are lovely too such a the wine colour. I think I'm going to be wearing alot of burgundy, wine colours this autumn to brighten up my wardobe. I was also having a look at the zara website! It's great i love it. So i got a few outfit inspirations on that to show you. so i'll go on to Topshop first 

so the first one which is the spotty shirt, the other day in H&M i bought an oversized floral shirt but it wasn't right and seemed to drown my figure abit. But i saw this on the website and loved it! I'm really into stripes and spots at the moment so i thought it was great. so as you can see I've set out a picture of my autumn outfit. this is the kind of thing I'd want to be wearing this autumn! I used to love jeans and then i found the magical things called leggings and never went back to wearing jeans! but recently I bought a pair of jeans from H&M. it was £10 of denim so they only a tenner so i thought why not!? I had wanted some jeans for this autumn to pair with my lace up boots. so the ones i bought are really nice. but i love these ones from Topshop they're such a nice colour! and they're high waisted too so that makes them even better. i think teamed with the spotty oversized top they would look really good. I'm also loving loafers at the moment I bought a pair from primark ages ago! and i never stopped wearing them but they are now a bit too battered to even try to walk in so i want to buy some more. I've also got a bit of an obsession with scarf's, I buy loads and my mum hates it! i have about 10 scarf's. but i only own one woolly scarf and it's black so it's not  very exciting I love this one from topshop it's such a nice colour and i think it would go with alot of things. the only downside is it's £16..maybe I'm being abit stingy with my money but i don't think i want to pay £16 for a scarf? maybe i might have to though seeing as it's such a lovely colour! on to the lipstick. I have never worn lipstick before and i really want to try it out. I'm not sure if i would suit it but i love this lipstick from topshop and it seems like such a lovely colour. I also like it because it's called 'Brighton rock' and of course i live in Brighton! i think i might buy it. my local topshop don't sell much of the make up range but luckily next weekend I'm going to London to spend my birthday money (which is on Monday yay!) so i will be snooping around the make-up area. this necklace is lovely I love cameo things. I have a brooch and some earrings but i haven't got a necklace and i was shocked and very happy that this one only costs £7.50! for topshop i think that's pretty good. normally there jewellery is quite expensive so I think i might just have to buy it. I'm loving tapestry at the moment. a few months back i bought a tapestry bag from Urban outfitters and I use it so much that it's becoming abit battered. not sure i could part with it at the moment though it's like my baby (i will show a picture in the next blog) but i really like this one from topshop! and it's quite cheap, I spent £50 on mine and this one is £40. maybe when my baby breaks I'll buy it! i think that's all of it covered? oh also I'd like to thank-you for all your comments and stuff i really love hearing from people and i love thinking that people actually read my blog! cause i really enjoy blogging, even though I don't do it frequently. I really should! maybe when i settle into a routine at college I'll start blogging alot more. oh and i have gained some followers aswell I'm not up to 21! ha ha some people may laugh at that but I'm happy to have any amount of followers. even if it's 10 or 100 i don't mind! so thank-you all for following, And i should blog again tomorrow cause i went shopping today and bought a few things but unfortunately my brother was using my camera so i couldn't take pictures to show you. and i want to show you all my new double bed I'm putting up tomorrow. so goodbye! and i hope you all have a lovely Friday evening. Lets hope it's better then mine. I'm knackered so having an early night!

                                           Rose xo 


  1. love what you chose(:
    i also want brighton rock!but i don't know what it'll be like,i have 'desert' and it's one of my love/hate products!:)

  2. Totally know what you mean about choosing outfits for each day! I tend to mix and match a few key basic pieces for everyday wear, and definitely will be once the Uni semester begins! xx

  3. love the jeans and brogues!
    p.s they have a gorgeous shirt in primark at the moment, identical to that topshop one. just letting you know if you have access to a primark ;D good luck finding it eheheh x


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