14 September 2010

Monday blog 3

Sorry I missed my Monday blog yesterday! I was so so busy. it was my first day at college yesterday and it was really hard work and then i had to come home to finish my summer project and i didn't finish till 8 then i fell asleep cause i was so tired. God knows how I'm supposed to cope with this it was only the first day! so yeah i apologise

1. so as i was saying i started college yesterday and so far i hate it. my parents are telling I'm overreacting but I'm not OK!? hahaaa. this week isn't too bad because it's the induction week and i start at 9.30 and finish at 3 and on Tuesdays and Thursdays i finish at 1 but that is only for this week and starting Monday (which is my birthday aswell!) i go in at 9.30 till 5 . YES 5 this is horrible. i have no idea how I'm spose to cope with those times I'm so tired already and i finished at 1 today. ergh not looking forward to it atall. 

2. and as i mentioned before aswell it's my birthday on Monday the 20th! I'm going to be 17 ah scary. I think I'm going to go for a meal with some friends the Friday after so i will blog a picture of what i am going to wear. I might do it in advance so i have an opinion on the outfits. Also I'm hoping to get some new clothes for my birthday too so lets see what i get! I'm excited. and the weekend after my birthday I'm going up to London with a few friends so i can spend my birthday money. I'm thinking portobello market and Oxford street. I've only been to Nottinghill once and portobello market was just amazing. so can't wait to go back.

3. I might not be blogging much this week so i apologise in advance. I'm having to tidy my room so i can get ready to put my double bed in but at the same time as clearing it out I've got loads of new art stuff from college so it's kind of not working! my room is a mess and it's so annoying. I cant wait to get a double bed I'm hoping to go to Ikea and get new duvet covers and stuff. so yay! i was abit disappointed because I'm not getting any comments recently. Is my blog really that boring? so because of that I've decided to do a poll. you can email me some questions at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk also you can email me some suggestions for what i should blog about or even email me some advice! it's always nice to get advice. or you can talk to me on Formspring so thank-you lovely people and i will be blogging soon (hopefully)

                                                              Rose xo


  1. Oh my, hope you're able to find a balance! Transitioning back into the swing of school can be a tard rough after a long summer!

    Happy birthday in advance!

  2. hi :) thanks so much for the follow! you have such a lovely blog! following you back now ;)
    PS: good luck with college!!

  3. i know college seems like a long day at the moment, but trust me, when you start a job working 9-5 you'll wish u were back at college haha.
    happy bday for monday, have fun shopping, portobello market is always great, i love it too.
    i turn 23 next month and im dreading it! x

  4. Uhhh im dreading going back to uni :(
    bring the summer back!
    I hope it gets better for you.

    Im now following you! :) xo

  5. hello love thanks for the comment, me to cluttereds the way forward, i wasn't sure what you meant about couldn't see my eyes? did you mean about me saying big black eyes? haha if so i meant basically i have dark circles due to lack of sleep :( boo.
    Jaymie x


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