13 November 2011


T-shirt mens section Primark
Jeans Topshop
Loafers Topshop
Bag Urban Outfitters
Cardigan/Badge Vintage

2 posts in a row, I'm on a fucking roll.

First proper outfit pictures taken by my best friend Lily so thanks for that bbz, What do you think of them? Think I'm going to start trying to do more like that. It's hard though but I'll get it done more often! Scuse my face in the first picture luvin it lolz. these were taken in Brighton Museum (never normally venture in there unless i have to) I had to do some project work for starting back on Tuesday!
Anyway this is a pretty simple outfit which i wore into town today I seem to be dressing more and more like a boy recently it's just so comfy and I'm living in my jeans! I really love this stripy top it's so comfy and yeah kind of wish it wasn't so high neck though. Loafers look like they've been run over they are so so awful at the moment I've worn them to death literally. I need a new pair but I don't know what ones to get I think I'll look in Topshop again, I wish i could just re buy these ones I've loved them so much (as you can tell from how battered they are)

Nice weekend, Quite a relaxing one actually. It's nice to be back to normal with my friend. I did go get my belly pierced earlier i think i have a slight addiction to them?! I actually can't stop I only got my tragus done like 3 weeks ago now i have my belly. Hmm! Oh wells I'm not too sure about it but fuck it.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, so happy I don't have college tomorrow the thought of waking up would kill me. 
Love, Rose


  1. I love your hair! Its so long! I'm so jealous. x

  2. you're so skinny. i'm well jeal. and rose you have the tiniest belly button! haha abit of twitter stalking for ya xx

  3. lovely pictures! I almost brought that stripey tee the other day, it looks so nice on you xx

  4. lovely simple outfit and i'm incredibly jealous of your hair x

  5. i love your bag!! and your piercing looks really pretty xx

  6. i love how simple this outfit is! more posts like this would be great :) x

  7. these photographs are lovely, i can't wait to see more posts like this - even though i do love the shots you take in your bedroom! i adore your navy cardigan, plus the last shot of you is especially pretty. xx

  8. love this outfit! x

  9. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  10. Lookin' good! I need one of those tee's in my life! I have a short sleeved one but there's something so comfy about a longer one. I like your pics, the jeans and flats combo = perfect.

    Your belly button looks good, my friend has hers done but it would scare me - I don't cope well with pain, I'm a big wuss :P

  11. simple yet cute outfit! your hair is so pretty



  12. love the last photograph of you x

  13. love your look as always and omg girl!u got a belly pierce!that's really cool!<3


  14. I love this outfit, you look so pretty here :) xx

  15. whoa your hair is so beautifully long! jealous!
    nice blog :)

  16. Really love your style! Lovely blog, followed! (: x

  17. you're hair is so beautiful.
    nice blog, I follow :) HUGS


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