23 November 2011

Leopard print

so last week I won Sophies little shops giveaway, her shop is called Little Me and stocks some really beautiful collars and I was so happy I won!

Gotta love it right! I think I'm going to be able to team it with some great things, So Thank you!

Just a short post today as I literally have nothing else to talk about, I haven't posted in a week again? Anyone else having the fucking trouble of it being too dark to photograph outfits. I wake up when its dark and i get home from college when it's dark. Aw great
Anyway hoping to get some posts lined up soon! otherwise I'll be annoyed, really hatin on ze old blog right now.
This weeks been good so far i guess and so was the weekend! went out to town for the first time since i was 18 (h8 the fact most of my friends are still 17) and it was good. Feeling a bit ill so I'm going to get into bed and drink tea.. I'm so hoping I haven't got tonsillitis
Hope you've all had a lovely week I'll be back soon with better posts hopefully
also getting quite excited cause i am like 5 away from 700 followers, crazy shit
love, Rose


  1. Such a cute collar (:

  2. This is so cute :) Perfect addition to a winter outfit
    It would be mine

  3. Lucky you, the prizes are cool! I have the same bed spread as you, it's lovely.
    I like how it gets dark super early now, but it does suck for outfit posts.
    Congrats on the followers, you'll gain more in no time :)


  4. wow its super cute!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. so jealous that you won, i wanted it ahah. it's so pretty x

  6. I love this! It will look so good with a plain tshirt or a plain shirt!
    The darkness is so annoying, it's usually dark or foggy when I leave for work at 8am, and pitch black when I get back at 6pm and I haven't had a day off for 11 days so I haven't been able to take an outfit photos.. although if I'm at work I'm just wearing my uniform haha
    Congratulations on the followers :) x

  7. Gorgeous collar! Congrats on the followers, definitely deserved x

  8. oh this is so cute and congratulations on the 700 followers! xoxo

  9. hi!nice blog!follow us if u like our blog and we will follow you too!

  10. How cute! x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  11. Love the collar, such a lovely print as well :) And I know what you mean about photographing outfits, can't wait until it gets lighter in the evenings! Hope to see an outfit soon, I'm missing your posts :) xx p.s. congrats on 700+ followers :)

  12. I love this collar, Sophie has some lovely collars in her shop :) xx

  13. Hey I just discovered your blog and im now following! Were both from Brighton! If you have time please check out mine, i havent had much time to post because of college and the whole dark in the morning dark in the evening thing. Love the collar by the way!


  14. loving the fur collar! so cute xx


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