12 November 2011

catch up

Hello people! I hope you remember me. I haven't been gone too long but I've not posted in 3 weeks which is quite bad I guess my life has been pretty busy! I did a post yesterday but i deleted it cause i didn't like it but any who I'm very sorry I've not been a blogger recently! I will be back into it now I've had a stressful time at college recently, was hating it a lot but I passed my assessment with a Merit so all in all it worked out! had a good few weekends which is nice everything is quite good at the moment. I guess I've just been too busy to blog but I always just haven't really wanted to or known what to actually blog about! but here is a little 'haul' type blog post to show you all the things I've bought recently! 
Top £6 Primark
Stripe top £6 Primark
little primark splurge, lol not a splurge i spent £12. I bought a new stripy top which was much needed after my H&M has become a bit faded and old looking. This one i picked up in the mens section which i normally don't go in but i tell you know i will be going back! they have some good things in the mens section. Also bought this lace top. Wasn't too sure but i just bought it and i quite like i t! might buy it in the blue colour as well.
Scarf meant to be £7 but had 30% off, New Look
Jumper £27 New Look
few things i bought from New Look, I am in love with the Snood I haven't really taken it off since buying it! lovely autumnal colour as well it was meant to be £7 but had 30% off which i thought was pretty good and if your good at maths (which I'm not) you can work out how much it was. Don't really know what 30% off is hahah. Also bought the blue wooly jumper! so cosy and i can tell I'll wear it to death this winter i love the buttons too!
right now onto the things I picked up at BINTM live.
Shirt £12
Nail Varnish £2
Surprisingly the clothing there was cheap, Well the stall i got this shirt from was! it only cost me £12 which i think is really great. I haven't actually worn this yet I haven't really worked out what to pair it with but i do love it! I also got this nail varnish I'm not really into nail varnish, if you can be 'in' to nail varnish at all haha. But I am trying to grow my nails so i thought if i had a nail varnish i liked it would stop me biting them (it actually worked be proud of me) so this is a really nice black and sparkly luvs it. 

so i think thats about it now, I'm really wanting a new coat I bought one from River Island but unfortunately it's too big and i don't think it really suits me, fallen in love with a duffle coat on asos website but they've sold out of my size (PLZ asos re stock it)
Again i am sorry for being so distant with my blog recently doing this should hopefully get me back into the swing of things. We'll see!
Also i said this in my last post (which then got deleted) so I'll say it again, but my good friend Amber has just started a blog and would be lovely if you could go check it out! love the fact she's got a blog now haha, check it out here

Love, Rose


  1. Very pretty nail varnish! Nice clothes too. Haven't bought anything in ages! x

  2. I really love that white and black striped top. It's gorgeous!


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  4. I love the shirt! What was the name of the stall?
    I was actually looking for something similar.

  5. That top is so impossibly you :) And for £12, bargain. Saw you deleted a post yesterday - came up on my bloglovin but I was too late. Ah well you made up for it today
    It would be mine

  6. whoop whoop!nice to have you back!!!!i love those new stuffs u get!!!!!!especially the red scarf!love it<3


  7. gorgeous picks, the blouse especially is lovely!


  8. Love the black and white striped shirt! x

  9. I love all the clothing you have bought. That lace top is beautiful and the men's top is awesome, so gonna check them out next time I'm in town.

  10. Lovely items, in particular the blouse you picked up at BINTM, kinda wish I'd gone to that! xx

  11. That shirt is beautiful- looks a bit like the 'Theory' one, thought that one is £220 so dang good thrifting! x

  12. Obsessed with EVERYTHING you bought ! That snood is an amazzzinng color, love anything chunky like that. That stripey top is gorgeous !!!! So chic and can't wait to see how you style it ! x

  13. that shirt is perfect for £12! I also love the lace top from Primark, hope you had an amazing time at bntm! x

  14. I love the shirt, wear it with whatever you want it looks like it will go with a lot. Will check out her blog x

  15. Those scarves are awesome, as well as all those other items!
    Farrah's Muse


    Alrighty, soz for shouting ;) So pleased to see you back sweet, and with pretty new things too! Having to live vicariously through other bloggers' and their shopping atm, I'm so poor it hurts... Congrats on your Merit too, that's so good :D Lovelove the New Look scarf and the sheer striped blouse as well, I reckon the blouse would be cute worn open, over jeans and a polka dot vest with scallop edges? xxxx

  17. those are amazing purchases. the lace one is by far my favorite!

  18. That lace top is so lovely and your winter buys make me crave cold weather!

  19. yeyy, so glad your back, I've missed readiny our blog, I'm loving the snood, I've seen one in primark similar, which I may purchase :)


  20. Lovely post and love that nailvarnish...especially for that price...bargain!
    Great blog :)
    Hannah x

  21. I love the shirt, what a bargain?! :) xx

  22. New follower to your blog :)
    You've got some lovely pieces here, especially love the stripe shirt - what a bargain!


  23. loving that striped shirt!


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