26 September 2011

long time no speak

T-shirt, Cardigan and Skirt H&M
Denim Jacket Vintage
Shoes Topshop

Well hello there, I'm a shit blogger! I don't even know why I've been such a shit blogger recently? I have been pretty busy with college it's ridiculous literally counting down the days till half term.
Anyway i wont go into why I haven't been posting much cause there isn't really an explanation.

I wore a skirt for the frist time in fucking ages! I feel weird wearing one. I felt kind of insecure hahah I've been living in my jeans recently and the only time i get my legs out is if i wear shorts! Forgot what it was like to wear a skirt. Outfit is kind of girly for me don't you think? I think it's cause of the pink cardigan! which i do love (it's my friends shh) I think all the colours work well together as they are all light and pastel I think that might just be the photos showing that though. I love my denim jacket so much i forgot about it for ages why did i not realise how much i loved it! and I'm wearing my battered old brogues.

So yes the last time i posted was the day after my 18th! can't believe it's almost a week since my birthday. Where the fuck has time gone!? college was really busy last few days last week and i had a good weekend. me and my 2 brothers had a house party for our 18th and a lot of people turned up but luckily our house was absolutely fine and yeah it was really fun.. did some things i regret hahah but we wont say on here i don't think note to self don't get so drunk you don't remember things.

as i said i am counting down the days till half term, Kind of a bit mentally drained due to college! never done so much work/thinking at a time haha, doing a new illustration project which started today and it's hard and I don't really get what to do but lets hope that changes. I should be doing research and shit like that now but I'm not (times don't change) I've missed doing regular blogging kind of just don't know what to post anymore as my outfits are shit and yeah, I'll get back into it I'm sure!

errr I think thats all i have to say! hope you all have a good week you lovely people. OH i forgot to mention THANK YOU ALLLLLLL i reached 600 (and 3 now) followers which is fucking amazing. I love you all


  1. So I've now decided it is time to add a dusty pink cardigan to my collection...! Such a sweet outfit Rose, so good that we can still get away with light jackets in late September haha, I usually don't like the transition because I can never decide between a jacket (= cold) or a coat (= way too hot!). Might be popping to Brighton very soon, will let you know because I'm gonna haaave to stalk you for a Starbucks (: xxxx

  2. Such a lovely outfit Rose, I love the denim jacket and brogues! glad you had a great 18th party! :) xx


  3. what a nice blog with beautiful pictures :) i love your style and your hair!

    love, lola

  4. Love these photos! Made me instantly want a cardi like that :) xx

  5. This outfit is adorable Rose and yes girlie! Congrats for the 600 followers you deserve it, your blog is amazing xx

  6. Were those shoes a recent buy? They're gorgeous!

  7. lovely outfit, i really need to dig out my denim jacket!

    love the loafers too, xoxo.

  8. absolutely loving your jean jacket!

  9. my lovely girl,checking your blog is like my daily routine.like your posts a lot!so please keep going!aw and those shoes are so chic,btw!


  10. even though you're outfits are simple, they're always so lovely :) hope you had a great birthday!xx

  11. I like that striped shirt!


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