04 September 2011

the morning after

I guess this is a kind of catch up post as i have been a little distant on here recently. A few photos from Saturday which was a joint family birthday for my Auntie (uncles partner, that makes her my auntie right?) and my baby cousins 1st birthday. It was lovely yet i felt like i was going to throw up most of the day after being a little too drunk the night before but more on that later.
It was a lovely day with family and my aunties french family who i don't get to meet that often as they live in france. The best part of the day was the velcro wall..SO much fun! except my hair got stuck so that wasn't nice. 

I've never featured any pictures of my brothers on here, I don't normally speak to them (lol) or spend time with them so this was a rare occasion, seeing as were triplets you'd think we would be more close. the second picture is one of my brother Joe and my cousin Charlie and the 3rd picture is my brother Tom. but you can't really see his face cause he's upside down on the velcro wall. 

So as for Friday it was great it was my friends 18th but the night ended a bit shit, and can't be bothered to talk about it but i need to make it up to my best friend. me and my 2 brothers were all a little worse for wear that family party day but we still managed to eat all the food (OMG the food best food I've eaten in a long time)

So that was a little catch up and a look into what i did on Saturday. But this is also a little goodbye blog as i am going to take a small blogging break just because i want to sort things out and I'm just not feeling very happy at the moment. College is shit i went back Friday and it's just shit and I'm in a little dillema weather or not to carry on or just to drop out so I'm in a little bit of a shit mood right now due to everything. but I will be back soon. Knowing me this wont last long but yeah i think i need it.

So goodbye for a while people, I will be back soon. but in the meantime you can follow me on twitter as i will be updating on there like i always do


  1. aw its nice you spent more time with your family. xx


  2. Take care of yourself, hope you come back soon x

  3. Goodluck sorting things :] x

  4. Such lovely photos Rose. Hope everything with your best friend is okay (: And thanks for the blog comment, I'm ok, just a few family/personal things going on so I probably won't be around, didn't want to just abandon my blog for a while without any explanation. xxxx

  5. Such lovely photos, the velcro wall looks awesome :) I hope everything works out for you, the most important thing is your happiness! xx

  6. awww so cute! your brothers are adorable, hope everything works out for you!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. hope everything goes ok for you

    peachessmith.blogspot.com please follow :)

    xxx Peaches

  8. i have always wanted a twin! i'd seriously love one. my brothers are much older then me but we're all still quite close which is nice.
    i know how you feel about college i'm doing art too! and it seriously sucks. all i did last year was research pointless things i wasn't interested in. we get to choose a specific subject this year and i'm hoping the photography teacher decided to stay. i start on wednesday but i don't really know what's happening yet. last year i was in two minds about staying and leaving, i just don't know what else to do.
    i hope you're ok and sort everything out lovey. <3

  9. hope you're ok rose, i will miss you blogging! i'm here to talk if you need to xo

  10. These photos are cute, can't believe your a triplet, never knew that! Oh Rose, i hope your okay, you've got me on twitter, here if you need to talk, things will get better, i promise! xx

  11. aw i'll wait till u come back!u got a lovely blog,and checking your new posts is like a daily routine.everything will be better,get back your smile soon!

    with all heart

  12. Nooooooooo! That's all I can say :( I love reading your blog, so I sincerely hope your break will last all of 2 minutes, because I will certainly miss your posts!

    But it's important that your sort how you feel out, and I hope you are okay :)

    This is such a cute post about your family! :) x

  13. Mmm... I hope you saved me a slice of that apple pie/tart thing! xx

  14. Cute blog, I'm now following you :)


  15. Sweet photographs! I could tell that was your brother! That velcro wall looks bloody awesome, lot's of fun. Hope you return soon!!!! :(

  16. cuute photos! ahh I hope you'll come back soon, ill miss your posts!! <3


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