29 September 2011


it's fun getting packages in the post. This came on Wednesday morning but i was at college so i came home to a nice topshop parcel..If only more was in there! I could of bought a lot more but I just don't have the money!
T-shirt and Cardigan H&M
Shorts borrowed from my brother then cut up (whoops) Levis
Belt Charity Shop

Outfit from today, Can anyone actually believe how hot it's been. Brighton was on the news last night cause of how hot it was down here! crazy shit. Wore this outfit with no tights but the photos don't show that. And I was still boiling! Ah omg i love this weather..Even though it's showing the signs of Global Warming hah! but non the less I'm trying to make the most of it. It's going to be 29 on Saturday apparently!! had a rather lazy day it was a SDS (Self Directed Study) day at college today so no tutors were in and that means I slack allllll day and do no work! I'm so not a good student am i. Well I got a bit done but the tea breaks seem to happen far too much! then i went and met some friends after college and had a nice chat. 

I'm sorry for being a little distant from the blog recently like i said in the last post I've just not had time to blog and I'm not really in the mood to at the moment! I'm tired all the fucking time and I'm hoping to get a tripod soon so i can start getting some good outfit pictures as i have a remote now but just need a trip luckily my auntie has one but it's just finding the time to go pick it up. Hopefully going to be a good weekend this weekend but i so need some new clothes so I might go tomorrow and spend the rest of my money i have left over. I took the boots back (YES i again took back some shoes, I am so indecisive) so i have £58 quid to spend on other stuff. I need some more going out clothes as i have nothing but jeans and t-shirts! Ah I wish I was rich!

Hope You've all had a good week so far, so glad tomorrows Friday! 
Love, Rose


  1. Love the jeans, I just bought some Leigh ones too and have barely taken them off (apart from now it's so hot :p )! I always take stuff back hehe, hope you get something better! xx

  2. I love Topshop jeans. Kristens are so nice too :) x

  3. I'm loving the fact I've got back from holiday and England is experiencing summer holiday heat. Love those jeans darling

    Eda ♥


  4. Love the shorts Rose :) xx


  5. I'm loving the sun as well, spent today in shorts and a t-shirt! Wish it didn't have to be winter so soon...
    sweet blog - I'm newly following you!

  6. i love getting the spotty brown envelope delivered the delivery man is usually shocked as a I get excited over its contents! great jeans! xxx

  7. Nice outfit ! What kind of shoes did you wear it ?

  8. I'm gutted it's gotten so hot just as my jeans arrived! But I think during winter I'll be wearing them religiously, I'm taking some serious inspiration from the jeans expect herself (a.k.a YOU) and seeing what matches with them! I've got a stripped t-shirt but I'm in need of a longer one - you always look fantastic in yours Rose!

    We have self directed days but usually the lecturers are wondering around with a coffee in their hand keeping an eye on us, seeing if we're being busy! But yeah I always end up chit chatting rather than getting work done on those days - makes uni worthwhile! ha!

    I've bought a top from ASOS that I'm thinking of taking back, it looks good with one outfit but not too sure with the rest so I'm really in two minds! Hope you get your tripod and remote sorted too, I'm telling you it's so much easier when you've got them and they're pretty cheap. Both will cost you under £20.

    I haven't been much of a good blogger either, hopefully I'll get back into the spirit of things soon enough ay!

  9. Literally nothing nicer to open the door to than a lovely Topshop brown bag! Love the pink and denim together in this outfit sweet, perfect for the crazy weather lately. Hope you've had a nice weekend Rose (: xxxx

  10. I love your header! Your style is great.


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