10 September 2011

counting down the days

peterpan shirt and jeans Topshop
Jacket Vintage
Back to my old photo booth ways, Sorry about that I was in a rush and wanted to document my outfit but it's hard to do it quickly on my new camera.
This was my outfit from last night, I was kind of hating all my clothes so i rooted around my wardrobe and i found my old shirt from topshop! and i forgot about how much i loved the colour of this. so i paired it with my black jeans and my old denim jacket that i love and voila a simple outfit but one i think i really like! it was kind of one of those days were you look good at the start, ie first picture my make up actually looked nice then you get home you look in the mirror and think fuuck did i really look like that the whole night. OH well!

So last night was okay i went to nandos with my 2 friends just for a meal and when we were leaving a man came up to us showing us a restaurant/bar that had opened up like a second away from nandos in a really nice little alley way (never thought I'd say an alleyway is nice) but yeah you went up a little alleyway and it was at the back. We went and he showed us around what it was like and offered us a free cocktail. Lol at the fact none of us were 18 nor did they even ask so we went with it.. And a few later we were sitting out the back with 2 friendly (drunk) people who didn't have a table so sat with us!
we talked with them for ages they were lovely, and the girl gave me some good advice, straight away she said ' i can tell your really shy' which made me think SHIT am i really that shy? then she said to my other friend 'she really doesn't need to be shy she's so stunning'
that women was nice haha, but no way am i stunning but it made me think..I do need to start being more confident with myself. I mean i have got a lot better since last year but yeah thats what i am going to do i am going to be more confident from now on! lets see how this goes shall we.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday and a lovely Saturday day! I spent my whole day in bed which i'm not ashamed off. It was pissing down outside for most of the day which was miserable but not when your all comfy in bed with tea! so I'm not complaining about doing nothing today. Tomorrow I think I'm going to actually try and be a good student and finish off my project work from this week! it's already so much and I've only been there a week. were doing a textiles project monday so thats good.

Love, Rose sorry for rambling on this post
10 days till I'm  18 fucccck


  1. I spent the whole day in bed too- and also not ashamed! Can't beat a good duvet day. I think a bit of shyness is a really endearing quality, but you should definitely have confidence in yourself, you are stunning Rose! Good luck with your work tomorrow :) xx

  2. You do look 18, i'm not suprised that bloke thought you were haha :) x

  3. I was just thinking Rose, if you feel like you're really shy you could get a job if you don't have one? I've just started a job in a coffee shop and because I knew the manager already admittedly it did make starting a little easier but obviously it didn't help me with the customers and I am really really shy but I was put on the till straight away! But you know if your chucked into something like that it does give your confidence a HUGE boost but yeah just an idea? Might help you feel more confident with your modelling too maybe? So jealous you spent all day in bed! I myself was stuck at work! You are really stunning though, I wish I was as pretty as you! I was not at all surprised when you was accepted by a modelling agency! :)

  4. you are bloody stunning, rose! and tell me about it, I've only been back two days at school and have a million things to do already, fml. your textiles proj sounds pretty good though!

    ramz and the flock

  5. love your outfit!! the top is really cool. sounds like a fun night hahah

  6. your shirt is a really nice colour :) xxx


  7. I love meeting random people on nights out haha, and the lady was right you are stunning! x

  8. the lady was totally right! you're absolutely stunning! love the outfit. good luck with finishing your project!

  9. aw i love your shirt!and without mentioning,you're absolutely stunning,girl!


  10. Love the combination of this shirt+jacket. Suits you well nice, Rose!

    ♡ fusels.blogspot.com

  11. Loooove your denim jacket! xx

  12. your blog is definitely one of my favourite. xx

  13. I love it when drunk people hand out advice, I really do think they give out the best kind too (: x

  14. You look gorgeous, love the shirt :) xx

  15. I really love that top, and especially it's color !
    Whatever you have to be, just be yourself. Be confident in who you are, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise
    Drunken girl is right !
    I love how when we're drunk, we say things so honestly, without giving a fuck about what other might think of us !

  16. I sometimes feel I need to be more confident too! some days you are and somedays you're not so much, know what i mean? think its all too do with the day and your mood haha I'm quite self aware though which affects it I think, yes lets be more confident love!

  17. you are so pretty! love this outfit! <3

  18. You look amazing! Love the jacket, it looks very good on you :)

    & Did you draw your header yourself? Cuz' I think it's really good, love it!

    XO, Imke

  19. such a simple but gorgeous outfit. your night sounds so entertaining, wahey free cocktails! xx

  20. I get that comment too - "I can tell you're shy". When I signed up for my topshop card I spoke to the girl there and thats when she said it to me, but she said it was sweet haha. I just naturally come across as shy I just can't help it, people just know I am - I'm not really an eye contact person at first, I kind of feel intimidated sometimes. I hope I grow out of it but I have got a lot better since being younger.

    Love the colour combos of this, denim with the blush of your blouse and the the dark jeans! Ohhh I've been lusting for a pair of those bad boys in Topshop and I can't find any! I really want some bloody jeans!


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