13 November 2012

13 november

so yesterday me and my friend Lily went on a spontaneous trip up to London and it was fuckin fun, Went to the usual and did shopping and then after a long day we needed a beer so went to a pub in covent garden and had a pint. Annoying our trains were delayed/cancelled so we decided to get drunk in pubs instead and ended up on a terrace over looking Leicester Square.
mulled cinnamon pear and apple warm drink thing in camden and pretzels.
Leather jacket c/o Very.co.uk
Hoodie American Apparel
Shirt (barely seen soz about that) Urban Outfitters
Scarf Urban Outfitters
Jeans Topshop Leighs
Shoes Converse Second Hand
Bag Vintage 

Lol at those outfit pictures, got dark so they aren't great and I don't take it seriously so I look like a dick in most of them, but this was the outfit I wore to London. Probably more practical then 'stylish' but the weather was shite and I was not up for being cold so layered up. I wear my Leather jacket kindly gifted to me by Very ALL the time, basically every day I love it had it sent to me ages and ages ago but never found a way to wear it nicely but recently I've been loving it. Just a general 'Rose' outfit really, Jeans and converse so I can't really say much so thats it
Yay I'm finally back into blogging (i hope)
Love, Rose


  1. A drink in London would be amazing right now. I want to hibernate right through winter in Scotland (unless it's snowing). x

  2. I really like the train in the background photos! I really want to go up to London again soon it's so nice up there

  3. sounds amazing. such a chilled out day.
    Love your ripped jeans x

  4. lovely photos, sounds like you had a good day!

    Julia x

  5. aw i really want to go to London soon! Sounds like you had fun! xxx

  6. Your trip to London looks like so much fun! I really want to go back again sometime soon! I love your outfit too! Kind of boyish, but you pull it off so well and still look really girly. I wish I could do that!


  7. Sounds like such a fun day, I love going to London..always something to do there :)
    Love your outfit xx


  8. i haven't been to london in ages i really really want to go! how do you pull of casual so well????? p.s give me your hair!

  9. Awesome outfit! I love your jeans:)


  10. Cute photos! That's weird that you find the Vitamin E moisturiser doesn't sink into your skin - maybe it's just different skin types?

  11. You look like so much fun to hang out with, aha!
    Ashleigh | www.ashllyd.com


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