09 December 2011

same old

Cable knit jumper- UO
Jeans- Topshop
Coat- Forever 21
Scarf- Beyond Retro
Rings- JWLRY
Shoes- Schuh (vans)
Hello everyone! not going to apologise for not posting cause it seems to be all i do at the moment but the lighting and just life has been getting in the way!
This was my outfit from today which seems to be something i go to almost everyday, obviously with different variations. But jeans a jumper and vans is my wardrobe at the moment oh and on the topic of vans i jumper on the quite late bandwagon and bought myself a pair! not sure why but i thought i needed a comfy pair of shoes and these are my luv right now. don't care i look manly i luv em!
this is also the coat i mentioned in my last post which is from forever 21! I like it as it's not long and thats the one thing i always find puts me off coat is the length but this one is just right. Also my new rings from JWLRY wear them all the time! dropped the pink one on the floor and someone trod on it which was one of the most annoying things, but i bent it back and it's okay now! Today was a lovely day i went for a starbucks and a wagamamas lunch with my friend Amber
chicken katsu curry anyone? best thing I've had even though it was a little pricey (for me i am stingy ok) but yeah today was lovely and it's going to become a friday routine to go out for a christmas starbucks and lunch.

So at least I've finally managed to do an outfit post which feels like an alien thing to do! been one of the worst bloggers ever this month but it's hard. Been quite busy with life and college and the lighting is just awful most of the time. I've moved my bedroom round so i have some good spaces to take outfit pictures which is a bonus! Hope your all well and are excited for Christmas! I am but my families having quite a lot of money problems recently so i mean it's going to be a budget christmas! but it's not all about that so it should be fun. more looking forward to new years eve to be honest!
Kind of failing at life recently if you follow me on twitter/tumblr you'll have heard my moaning. But college is taking it's toll and I've been having a lot of days off. Not like me at all but somethings just changed and my motivation is else where and not in college.. Ah well hopefully I'll get back into the swings of it soon! needing this christmas break more then ever right now. Also stressing a lot about UCAS and well just my life in general. I'm thinking off having a gap year just because i don't think i want to go to university straight away but then again i think i might make a mistake not going. Ah so so confusing and stressful wish i could just hire someone to do my life for me and make all the right decisions! anyone got any tips on Gap years? Anyone wanna tell me about their experience would be a lot of help.

Love, Rose


  1. Love your jumper and vans want some in navy or burgundy. I always read your tweets when I'm stressing over college work and I'm always thinking "me too!" x

  2. The jumper is gorgeous, & i love the scarf too!


  3. I just bought myself a pair of vans too :)


  4. You look gorgeous, I really want some Vans! In my opinion I'd say don't rush into university if you don't feel you're ready. I went this year and have just left as I hated my course, so I think it's something you should really feel like doing, and taking time to get work experience and think about what you want to do is invaluable in my opinion :) good luck! xxx

  5. i love your blog and you camera is amazing!
    ucas is one of the most stressful things


  6. I love chicken katsu curry! Also love your jumper :)

  7. You might as well apply on UCAS just in case you change your mind - you don't have to accept any offers. Also I'd recommend checking out Unis campus' after any offers and you'll see whether you want to be there.
    Anyway. Love your rings, muuuuust get round to buying rings off JWLRY. I'm thinking a xmas present to myself :)
    It would be mine

  8. What kind of thing are you thinking of doing on your gap year? Let me know and if any of my friends did something similar I'll get you in touch (of you think it'd help, of course!) xxx

  9. your rings are freaking cute!!!aw and a gap year would be amazing!sadly,i didn't go when i graduated from high school.I think it'd be an experience of a lifetime!i met a german girl here in taiwan,when she was doing her gap year here months ago.she went to australia at the beginning,doing various part-time jobs and traveling to different cities.and then,she came to taiwan to study chinese for like six months.She met many people from all walks of life and finally decided what to study at uni.Knowing her story really made me feel like i should do it when i graduate from uni.anyway,as far as i'm concerned,i'd strongly recommend taking a gap year.i think it'd make u ready for everything in your life!<3 p.s. please come visit my new event and see if you're interested in!don't hesitate to join!whoop!xx


  10. Your photos are gorgeous. I live in my pairs of vans! x

  11. That jumper <3 I was pleased as punch when I bought one similar to it from New Look ! Same old, same old indeed, but they always look gorgeous on you anyway. We may have seen them before, but that doesn't mean they don't look great :)
    You just prove that you don't need the largest wardrobe in the world to run a successful blog

    Secondly, uni/college is like that for everyone. With me the only thing I'm doing is working, going to school, working on my assignments. And right now I'm just waiting for 6:30pm to chime so I can go to work. How delightful. Absolutely exhausted I tell you
    So don't worry, always happy to see you've posted, whether it's after a long time, or few days after your last post
    Good luck, and don't worry. Just work hard, and maybe you'll get a few days worth of break </3

  12. Your hair is so long and pretty, my dear. The outfit is lovely, I love the jacket and scarf together.
    Mmm Starbucks is love.


  13. I really love your scarf!! And that jumper is lovely. As for gap years and uni, I'd recommend going with your gut feeling about it. Looking back I kinda wish I'd taken a gap year :( Good luck with your decision x

  14. im a new follower hehe, enter my house of holland tights giveaway hehe :) xxx

  15. NOM chicken katsu curry is the best thing in life! Your coat looks lovely Rose (: Hope you're getting on okay with your college work too, it'll all be worth it when your projects start coming together, trust me! xxxx

  16. I personally recommend not taking a gap year, well that's my opnion anyway. The way I see it is that you're already sort of in the mood/zone of working and while you have it, you might as well continue and not lose it. And I know with work/assignments and everything it can get all so stressful and you lose motivation but really I think you just have to look at the bigger picture and ask yourself why you are doing these things int he first place and surely it would encourage you. Anyway I really love your outfit, the coat is really cute :) xx

  17. beautiful photos, you a mega pretty x

  18. I love your Vans, they go so well with your jeans as well :) xx

  19. i just adore your jumper, i so wish i got that colour rather than the burgundy one, boo. hopefully it will go on sale soon so i can treat myself :)

    i do hope you are okay, lovely! xx

  20. Hope your UCAS is going well now, I’m majorly stressing too! I love your rings too, I’ve been debating getting some similar from llymlrs, hmmm. Hope everything is good with you! :) xxx

  21. I love your scarf and rings :)
    I hope you've sorted out your UCAS etc, I'd like to offer some advice but unfortunately I'm completely stuck too!

  22. i love your outfit! :) especially the shoes with the rolled up jeans! xx

  23. Your hair is so lush! And that jacket loooks amazing! x


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