27 December 2011

Christmas day in pictures

I don't normally do posts like this but I thought I'd do a sort of day in pictures for my Christmas day! cause we all like to know what people got up to (or is that just my nosey self?)
A few photos of the day, was a really quiet day with just me my 2 brothers and my parents. it was really lovely and was so nice to spend some time with my brothers actually (woah) we had really nice food well the best food I've ever had! annoyingly don't have a good quality picture of the dinner but cor it was fucking good.
I didn't get much at all (which i knew i wouldn't) i got a necklace and some gloves on the day which isn't much but my parents are giving us some money in January as a Christmas present they just can't afford to give it to us now haha! I guess my blackberry was an early Christmas present to myself cause I bought it using my money from Grandparents.
we don't normally let the cats sit at the table if you thought we did, pedalo (the cat) decided he wanted to try some prawns so we let him hahaha
Hope you all had a really lovely Christmas and got spoilt! I'm going to take my old blackberry into a shop tomorrow and hopefully get a bit of money from it so I can do a bit of sale shopping! already mentally filled my shopping bags online at Monki and Urban Outfitters, got to say UO is a good sale this year! not sure if i can face town though I've heard it's bloody crazy in Brighton town SO many people, may have to use my elbows to look round Topshop.

went for a walk today in the country which was nice, haven't got dressed since Christmas day so i guess it was nice to get some fresh air hah! still nursing a food baby 2 days later. Literally never eaten so much food in my life. I've had a really nice relaxing Christmas actually and I'm trying to forget about how much college work I've actually got to do (oh god I'm dying inside at the thought) but who cares, tomorrow I'm going to brave the town centre with my mum to take back my phone and do a bit of sale shopping not really sure how we'll cope cause my mums not good in town on the best of days so Sales is baaad news! really want to check out Urban Outfitters though so may just pop in there. Then seeing my friend as she's been away for christmas, missin ma bitch lily.

Again hope you all had the best Christmas and got really spoilt! I'm sure you all did.
Love, Rose


  1. Nom, Christmas foodie goodness :D Such sweet photos, especially of your cat and that beautiful snapshot of you! So annoying about your phone, but at least you'll be able to get some money out of it! Best of luck with the sales shopping (: xxxx

  2. Aww Pedalo is so cute! I'm glad you had a good Christmas xx

  3. Lol same I'm denying the work. And yes I decided my favourite meal is actually Christmas dinner, its sooooooo amazing. Mmmm
    It would be mine

  4. Your dinner looks lush, turkey and beef?! YUM!

    I've bought things in UO sale too, it's so good :) I love their sales.


  5. Glad your Christmas was lovely! I went to town today with the mother and it was jam packed! I prefer doing shopping online so I'll stick to that! Pedalo is awesome too.

    I have so much work to do too and a presentation and without the work I can't do the presentation, it's frustrating! Hopefully tea will get us through it though.. lot's and lot's of tea :P

  6. Aw your cat is so cute! Your dinner looks sooo nice, looks very posh and lovely haha.

    At least you have the money you'll get in January to look forward to :) Quite annoying on christmas when you unwrap all presents in the morning, and that's it haha!x

  7. glad you had a nice christmas, love the picture and your cat is so so cute! :)

  8. I want christmas dinner all over again after seeing this. Also really love the picture of the kitty <3

  9. aww this looks so cute! and Pedalo is the best name for a cat ever I laughed! merry christmas x

  10. Oh, the picture of the cat is adorable. I had a lovely Christmas and was certainly spoiled... hope you had luck in the sales!


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