24 December 2011

Christmas Spirit

Jumper: Urban Outfitters 
Shorts: Topshop

Hello everyone, And Merry Christmas to you all! even though it is Christmas Eve but I doubt I'll post tomorrow seeing as the day will be spent eating A LOT of food and all that.
Outfit from the other week which I forgot to post I haven't worn these shorts in ages and kind of forgot I owned them! I'm not sure what I think about them, they aren't very flattering actually but I like them with my blue jumper from Urban Outfitters which of course, you've all seen before!
I've had a good week apart from loosing my phone and cutting my knee open on a drunk night out but we'll forget that. Well actually we wont cause I've spent all my money on buying a new blackberry which then later to find out my friend had my old blackberry in his pocket. Gotta love life right? 
Ah well! I had the money from grandparents and I could of done with a new phone I guess so it's a christmas present to myself (new low?) probably need to start sorting my life out.

Few pictures of the Christmas tree to get me in the spirit! the pictures are off my favourite decorations on my tree. I am being a bit of a scrooge right now. not that I don't like Christmas (who could hate it?!) just I think it's come around a bit too quick and I just haven't had time to get excited! Not getting much this year but thats not what it's about. It'll be nice cause this is the first Christmas where it's literally just my family, so just me my mum , my dad and my 2 brothers. Nice small Christmas this year! me and my mum made mince pies earlier this week home made ones are so much better then shop bought especially warmed up with a cup of tea.

Right I am off this is a short post but I didn't want to not post before Christmas! thanks again for all the comments on my last post I had a lot of commenters this time for some reason so it was lovely to read them all. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and I can't wait to read all the blog posts about what everyone got! I'm off to sit in bed and watch muppets christmas carol. I am being lazy today
Love, Rose

Oh also I update my tumblr a lot recently (i blog a load of shit but who cares) so if you want to follow!


  1. You look gorgeous in these photos! Merry christmas x

  2. love your shorts. aw thats so typical finding your phone after you've bought a new one :( have a lovely christmas!

    Laura x

  3. adore your jumper - so perfect! and ahh sucks about the blackberry, but everything happens for a reason ;) plus it's always nice to have a shiny new phone haha
    fashion junkie

  4. those shorts are such a gorgeous colour! have a magical christmas :) oh and those mince pies look amazing!! xx

  5. gorgeous pics!!!

    merry christmas & have a blassst!



  6. You look gorgeous, I think the shorts are amazing! Your tree looks so pretty, hope you have an amazing day :-) xx

  7. The patterned red and blu look so good together. Lovely combination for christmas eve haha. Have a lovely christmas x

  8. Love the outfit:) Your jumper is just gorgeous!

    Merry christmasss xxxx

  9. Lovely photos, hope you have a fabulous holiday! xo

  10. You look lovely in these photos Rose, forever jealous of your hair in that first snap (: Your shorts are so nice as well, I mustmust pay Topshop a visit when my ol' student loan goes through. Merry Christmas sweet, hope you're very spoiled tomorrow! xxxx

  11. I love those shorts! Hope you have a wonderful christmas x

  12. Merry Christmas Rose! Mince pies are the best when warmed up, your mum's look particularly lovely. Your Christmas day sounds lovely, enjoy xxx

  13. lovely photos and your header is so creative and awsome! :)

  14. happy holidays C: you have the most lovely hair, it's a great length and color!


  15. Pretty photos, will follow you on Tumblr !


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!