24 August 2011

Seeing Spots

So today after yet another shopping trip I came home to find my package from Forever 21,
oh how exciting it is getting packages
And this is what i bought! just two sheer shirts but i really do love them, the first one is just a plan black sheer shirt with no sleeves and I think it'll be really nice underneath jumpers with the collar hanging out. then i bought this spotty one which i am a little bit in love with i saw a similar one in Urban Outfitters for yes..£50!! and was so almost going to buy it cause i loved it so much then thankfully saw this on Forever 21 for £12 which is very good i think! 
So they were my purchases and i will so be doing online shopping again! especially from Forever 21. It was so fast and easy i ordered these Friday and they came today. 
Now I've spent money and got back into shopping i can't quite stop! well I will have too soon as my money will run out. Here is another thing i bought today! 
Topshop Shorts £34
see a pattern accuring? I think i am a little bit obsessed with polka dots. I love these shorts and have wanted them for a long time but never got them..Then i found these in my size and just had too! i got them for £30 with student discount so not bad. And I was happy cause i fitted in a size 6 (i thought I'd put on weight and gone up to a 10 but i guess not) i can imagine these working well with the sheer black shirt i bought! I'm addicted to shopping now.
I surprised myself today, I acutally bought make up! I never ever buy myself make up apart from the bare essentials like foundation, mascara etc. I don't own lipstick so i thought I would! and i really do love this colour.
Jumper and Shorts Urban Outfitters
AND finally my outfit for this shopping trip, simple just my old LEvi shorts and my new knitted jumper! doesn't really photograph well cause it just looks like a blue jumper but hay ho! (Ugh can't wait to get a new camera)

Wow I applaud you for going through this post it's a long one. But I thought I'd show you everything i bought! think i might lay off the shopping for a bit but i am a bit addicted... I feel like i want more more more! I'm on the hunt for some new boots and i think i might have found the perfect pair. It's a decision between some lace up black boots from Office or the Brogue boots from there! I'm a little apprehensive (fuck me thats a big word for me to use) about buying the shoes from there as they are quite expensive but i guess it's good to invest in a good pair of winter boots.  I'll probably do a post on them and see which ones you think would be better! so keep an eye out as i will need your advice. and on the look out for a leather jacket i would love one with the fur collar but i don't think they sell any anymore, so wish I'd bought it last year when i was going to!

Ok I am going to stop talking now! Have a lovely rest of the weekend
Love, Rose


  1. jel, how much is postage with forever 21? x

  2. this skirt is so lovely : )

  3. I LOVE the shirts you got from forever 21! May have to place an order now aha x

  4. i love the things you purchased! £12 is really good! I'm totally obsessed with polka dot nowaday!
    love those topshop shorts!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. The shirts are looooovely! The colour is totally amazing x

  6. I love love love the polka dot shorts! xx

  7. I wish Forever 21 had their bags that colour grey - their pink carriers bug me lol

  8. Coming home and finding a package is super amazing :)
    Love the stuff you got btw :)


  9. I love those shirts! Can't wait to see what they look like as part of an outfit! :) x

  10. I really love the shorts! Can't wait to see what you pair them with :) x

  11. In love with everything you got! The lipstick looks lovely. :) Agh, i need to lay off the shopping as well, whenever i say i'm going to save my money & go on a week-long spending ban, it only seems to get worse. -_- One of these days.... haha :/ xo

  12. love the polka dot shirt! i have the same lipstick, it's so amazing! xx

  13. Polka dot shorts are soooo sweet :3 I love them and lipstick coulour is amazing xxx

  14. I love all the polka dots! and the lipstick colour is gorgeous :) x

  15. I love both pairs of shorts here, especially those red polka dot ones. they are just lovely! we have the same duvet, ikea <3 ha, who doesn't have it. x

  16. I love those shorts!

  17. I like those Topshop shorts! The lippie looks pretty lush too :)

  18. I love the sheerness of the pieces you bought! And I don't blame you for loving polka dots- they always look sweet!


  19. I really like Forever 21!!! :D Cool post and pics, I'm following

    Look my blog and follow me if you like :)



    Have a nice weekend


  20. I adore those Topshop shorts. Saw them in store a few weeks ago but didn't get them as they're quite pricey, and am now unable to find any more so really regretting it x


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