16 August 2011

nice things

T-shirt International
Shorts UO Levis
Cardigan Beyond Retro
Earrings Forever 21
Loafers Primark
Firstly going to apologise for the awful outfit pictures, I can't quite find the right place to take a good photo. I always chop off my head and ugh dunno hate these pictures! so thats why there is only 1 of my whole outfit. I kind of hate all my clothes at the moment so it's not that good! I haven't worn these shorts in ages though so i thought I'd give them an outing today and these are my new loafers! bit obsessed with loafers my next mission is to find a pair of heeled loafers these black ones were a tenner from primark which i thought was pretty good, I've had a lovely day actually i spent it with my mum which i haven't done in ages! we went into town early for her to go get her hair cut. It's good my mum being a hairdresser she knows the proper good one in Brighton so we get free hair cuts off him! and then we went for lunch in a japanese dumpling bar thing in the lanes. I love it in there! it's called momo's so if anyones in Brighton soon GO there! it's opposite the sunglasses stall in the lanes so go find it. It's so cheap and SO yummy! and then we came home couldn't really be bothered to shop
no joke best tea, go try
and this is how I've spent the rest of my day! trying to find the cheapest way of travelling to London on Thursday for this shoot! so far I think I'm going to get an open return as it only costs me £18 rather then about £30. I have a 16-25 travel card so i get a bit of money off. but does anyone else have any options that would help me a lot! I am travelling before 9 so thats why it's more expensive. Oh everyone go try this tea! so so so good.

I've just received the photos back from my shoot on Thursday well I'm downloading them now as we speak so I'm not sure how they've turned out! i never like looking at photos of myself. (edit: They've come out okay but my face annoys me. Hmm confidence is the one thing i need for my next shoot!)

Hope you all have a lovely day! it's just starting to rain in Brighton which is annoying.


  1. i love your earrings!and geez!london is my favorite city in the world,hope u'll have a fantastic time there!whoop!xxx

  2. Love that top and the cardigan together :)
    Can you get the National Express? I can get it from Winchester for about £5.50 if I book a few days before so it might work out around the same from Brighton :)

  3. I hate train travel - it's got so expensive :( My tickets to London are costing me £75, that's even double the price i'm paying for my hotel. Yet the trains are just as ikky as ever!

  4. Love this outfit! I've just come back from London hope you have a lovely time :D Will you ever show pictures from your shoots? I'd love to see them, bet they're amazing :) x

  5. I love your earrings! <3


  6. This is such a cute post and love your shoes! I didn’t know you lived in Brighton, I’m looking at maybe going to Uni there :)

  7. those earrings are cute and i really do love you with a fringe! you should keep it and try to get used to it, maybe even get it thickened.

  8. Lovely outfit!!

    Kisses Anne

  9. great shorts and I like your header :)

  10. i love your earring!
    Krissy xoxo


  11. I like the outfit and the earrings are cute. I bought some loafers similar the other day. Now on the look out for a pair of dark brown ones.

  12. ahh i want the length of your hair! :)
    and the loafers are pretty, i got the same in suede x

  13. Your cardigan is lovely Rose! Wish I could pull off a navy cardigan, I'd defs look like a schoolgirl hahaha. Really like yo' earrings too! So annoying about the train fares, isn't it? Gonna cost me a fortune just to go home for the weekend from Uni! Also, I've made a mental note about Momo's, it sounds just lovely! xxxx

  14. DARLING outfit dear.
    you're adorable.<3

  15. Lovely simple outfit :) oh gosh i love vanilla chai! the only tea i can drink yum! xx

  16. Love your shoes - definitely need to check out the loafers when I'm next in Primark!

  17. Ohhh I love your shoes and earrings :)

  18. As I've got older I've found I spend less time with her but lately I've been spending more time with her and I've really enjoyed myself!

    I really like your navy cardie/hoodie, looks nice with that red/orange top! I'd love a free hair cut, even though I only payd about £9 for a cut I'm still cheap :P lmao.

    Also lol at your comment! Super hans is a legend, seeing him around my local town would be brilliant ha!

    Post your pics too! I bet you look beautiful like your usual self!

  19. gorgeous post, I totally adore your earrings ! <3

  20. I know, the railway line is so nice! It's only like a ten minute walk away so really easy to go to - I'm not sure where to go in winter though! I'll have to make a new space in my room!

    I really wish I went to college now, instead of all the stress of A Levels!

    Love the colours together! The cardigan looks so comfy and warm!


  21. the earrings are so pretty! i also love your cup and your hair makes me so jealous :)

  22. Love your outfit.

  23. vanilla chai tea O_O must get!!


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