09 August 2011

A week in photos to catch up

Hello people! I am back. I've had a nice week in Newport Pagnell which is close to Milton Keynes (not very exotic right) with my best friend and her family so that was lovely. I thought I was only going to be there from Tuesday till about Friday but i ended up staying till yesterday! not too sure why. Just never got round to getting the train i guess haha.
Well because i haven't really done much since I've been back, I've only been back for a day but I've been sat in bed with a cup of tea catching up on the blog posts I thought I'd fill you all in with the week I had. And a few of the things i bought. so I guess this'll be a 'week in photos' kind of post. I don't normally like doing them cause mine never come out looking as nice as Michelle's week in photos do but oh well!

trying to manage the fringe but failing|| Sunbathing in the garden (hairs gone so blonde due to this)|| Dog walking not my dog (i wish it was)|| Free duvet set from Ikea|| Results of said duvet set||

so there are a few photos of my week, I'm getting used to my fringe but I've worked out that blow drying is a must so thats made it work better. I've had a lovely week and now I'm back in Brighton and will be spending a lot of time with one of my good friends who I haven't seen in a month or more cause of holidays a shit! so that'll be nice. probs spend some of my wages! also I'm going up to London Thursday, well I'm hoping to i have a photoshoot on Friday but it's around the corner from my uncles house so i am going to stay up at his on Thursday night and go photoshoot Friday! on the talk of london i can't quit believe whats happening there right now. What do these people think rioting is going to do? it's getting out of hand! I'm hoping your all safe and all you birmingham bloggers too! there were rumours it was happening in Brighton tonight but yeah i think they were just silly rumours. I bought 2 new tops this week but i haven't photographed them. I will do soon and show you tomorrow! sorry for the rather boring post but i thought I'd say hello to welcome my posting back lol hahah

Oh before i go! Can't quite believe how nice you all were on my last post. Thank you so so much for saying happy birthday to rosedl hahah sounds like it's a person or something. But yeah! i got a hell of a lot of comments (most I've ever had i think?) so i was overwhelmed and very happy. I love rosedl and I'm glad a lot of you are supporting me :)


  1. The fringe really suits you and aww your dog is so cute!

    It's awful about these riots, people keep starting rumors, i've had a few people text me and say it's starting in Southampton but from what i can tell it's just lies!

    Stacey xx

  2. your fringe suits you :) and pretty bedding! x

  3. You really suit a fringe. These riots are making e feel sick! I love your new duvet by the way.

  4. Thanks for the mention sweet, so lovely of you! Milton Keynes is kind of not really near me :-P Such good shopping over there! How on Earth did you manage to nab free duvet covers?! If you do end up going to London, please stay aware and safe, I'm not going to the SW Meet now because I don't want to travel to and from two train stations in London! xxxx

  5. Your fringe suits you perfectly and loving that duvet cover x

  6. You are so beautiful , but I prefer you without fringe . I am waiting for next post with photos :)

  7. Loving the fringe! And that dog is the cutest!

    Its awful whats happening in LDN!


  8. Your fringe looks so nice!
    That dog is adorable, I wish I had a dog to take for walks. It might encourage me to do some more exercise lol I'm so lazy.
    Be careful in London! xx

  9. Your fringe suits you so well, it looks lovely

  10. your dog is sooo cute, I wish my mom would let me have one! I hope things get better in London soon... x

  11. you have a fantastic taste and i just really enjoy watching your gorgeous photos and reading your beautiful description <3 xxx

  12. The fringe looks lovely on you, hun! Also loving the IKEA bedsheets... I've got them, too, but they're all the way in Australia now, hahaha.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  13. I love that bed cover!!



  14. Sounds like you've had a lovely time away! Still cant get over how gorgeous your looking with that fringe! def right move! xxx

  15. Love your bed cover and your cute cute dog :) xo


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