01 July 2011

See you in a week blog

This should be a scheduled post. I did this yesterday (lol today, this is confusing it writing it in the future) wah i dunno. anyway i wrote this yesterday when i was distracting myself from packing. I spent most of the day reading harry potter in bed hehe WHY did you lot not tell me how addictive and amazing it is! i can't put it down. I can tell I'll be happy reading it by the pool. So yeah as this goes out I'll probs be on the plane..Or even there maybe! my flight is at 10.30 so that is why i am scheduling it as i wont get it done in the morning. 
Just wanna say sorry i didn't get my video done! I was going to seeing as i did little else but my brothers were home and its a bit embarrassing talking to a laptop. But don't worry I've written down the questions I've gotten so far (keep em' coming if you like, you can ask me anything! seeing as i don't think I've written much about myself LOL just kidding i have but if there is anything more you want to know just ask and i will answer in the video) I'll probs get it done when i get back sometime
I hope you all stick with me while i am gone, I am only away for a week! so thanks again for all the lovely comments I am so almost to 500 followers which is crazy so wanna thank you all. 

(I'm hoping the next time I post I will  be nice and tanned..but we wont count on it)


  1. Mmmm Harry Potter is the perfect plane companion. Where are you going? Very jealous, I have three more weeks till my holiday, its TOO LONG
    It would be mine

  2. Have a fantastic time in the sun!and looking forward to the video! :)

  3. I can't believe you're only just reading Harry Potter? How have you lived without it haha!

  4. hope you have an amazing holiday rose!
    if you still want questions for your video then here's two more: whats your favourite shop? and what do you want to when your older?xo


  5. Hope you have a great holiday Rose :) x

  6. Have fun on holiday!

    I have a question, how much do you spend on clothes per month on average / or per year. And how you you supplement your buying this? being a poor student is difficult :(

    Can you also show your bags? you have a gorgeous tapestry bag that i'd love to see in more detail, so like a bag collection post?

    And lastly, how many shoes do you own?

    x Gems

  7. hope you have a good time! xx


  8. so jealous that you're going away! but it's great to hear you're onto harry potter! can't get enough haha.

    have funnnn!


  9. i hope you have a wonderful time! looking forward to your holiday posts when you get back :) x

  10. i love your hair <3 nice blog, i'm following you!


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!