09 July 2011

I'm back

Well I did do a post earlier about my holiday but i deleted it and started again! I'm not in the right frame of mind today so instead of just showing you my holiday pictures which i might put a few on the end of this post i thought I'd show you what i bought while i was away!

I didn't expect Turkey to be as cheap as it was, So I got a lot of lovely things for a really great price!

Ring 40 Lira roughly £15 in England
so here is the first thing i bought, Well actually I bought this on the last day but it is my favourite thing so I thought I'd start with it! It is a lovely turquoise ring from a market stall in the village where we were staying. And it cost me 40 lira which is roughly about £15 in English pounds. It's real silver and real turqouise so I thought £15 was actually pretty good for it! And look how lovely it is. I'll get more pictures of it soon. And I can tell I'll be wearing it so much! I always always ALWAYS loose my rings so I am going to have to be extra precious of this and not loose it. 
Bag 35 lira so about £13
this is the bag i bought, I always see people with these and I love them! and I think this is a fake because well..they were selling loads of fake Gucci bags and Mulberrys so i doubt this is real but I don't even really known the original ones of these so I don't think it makes much difference to me! this cost me £35 so cheapish again about £13 in England which is great as i normally spend way over £40 on bags well..apart from the odd primark £9 one. I love the colour too, I was going to get a dark blue one but then i realised they didn't have it so i chose this grey\blue one.
Bracelet 10 Lira about £3
I didn't realise at the time when i bought this that it was only £3!! It cost me 10 lira but i had no idea what that was in english money, I am glad i bought this then! it's a lovely turquoise bracelet kind of like the ring.. I see an obsession coming along don't you. I really like this and i can tell I'll be wearing this a lot too!

Right so thats all the things i bought for myself, Oh i bought some turkish candyfloss but i didn't need to show you a picture of that.. And most of its gone now hehe! so i had the best time ever and i don't think I'll ever forget it. I love turkey! I want to live there NOW all i would need are my cats and a few of my friends and I'd be happy. 
I'm having holiday blues today. but not just little ones it seems to have hit me hard as a brick i came home yesterday after about 11 hours ish in total of travelling i got home at 10 in England and i came home to find my brothers having a house party. Any day is okay but not that day i had just got back all i wanted to do was sit and sleep but no the fucking idiots are inconsiderate and have drum and bass fucking load. And then i got woken up at 4.30 with my brother coming home with one of his friends and they kept me awake till about 6 in the morning and then i woke up at 8.30. SOOOO I am pretty knackered today and I'm feeling sad from being in England and blah! I am an emotional wreck so i will stop writing before i bore you all

oh I'm emotional too because i watched the harry potter premiere and speaches and omg i am so excited/sad that the film is coming soon! I finished reading the Dealthy Hallows book while away and omg i loved it. I am on a mission to find all the others and read them, someone wanna post me theres for me to keep (go awn you know you wanna)

Oh and before i go i want to thank you all so much for the questions you all asked me i have a lot! so i will hopefully be doing them as soon as possible. And thank you all for sticking with me while i was gone for a week! I will be back to my normal not crying and annoyed self by tomorrow hopefully! need to come to terms with the fact i am back in shitty England for a long time now hahaha.

Love, Rose


  1. I love your ring! Glad you had a nice holiday :)!xxx

  2. Hope you had a nice holiday - the ring is lovely!



  3. that bracelet is gorgeous x

  4. I adore those Longchamp Le Pliage bags, my Mama and I are buying matching ones this Summer (hers is oversized and mine will be the standard), the real deal is about £50 I think (: Hope you're feeling a bit better now loves, siblings can be so annoying at times! xxxxx

  5. The ring and the bracelet are perfect!!



  6. The jewelsss are sooo nice, I love Turkey for buying loads of cheap wonders! Ellie xxxx

    ma blog is new! ; ohmyellie.blogspot.com

  7. the ring and bracelet you brought back are lovely! my mum goes to Turkey twice a year and she loves it too, though she never brings me back stuff as nice as what you've picked up, and she certainly never mentioned that you can get turkish candyfloss! ;)
    I hope you feel better by the time you read this comment! silly brothers and there ability to keep there sisters wide awake all night! :P xxx

  8. I've already booked my Harry Potter tickets :)
    I've heard stories about the Turkish marketplaces - my friend claims someone offered to trade her for a camel (perhaps that was Morocco... ha). You've done prettyyyy good here - the ring is so lovely
    It would be mine

  9. love what you brought the turquoise jewellery's are so pretty! <3

  10. Glad you're back and it's great you had a really lovely time. I always feel like that once I've been away - I never want to come back home! You got some bargains there girl, esp that bracelet its beautiful!

  11. i love the ring and braclet. thats such a good price. and there so lovely. lovely blog!!

  12. I absolutely LOVE that bracelet!


    x Sea


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