09 January 2011

Sunday blog week 15

Week 15! wow doesn't time fly
usual Sunday blog post!

001. No make up picture for you lot and i look a tad moody too!. Not great, but most Sundays are consisted of no makeup and lazing around, Today was no exception i got up about 10 and from then on i've been pottering around watching buzzcocks and tidying my room. Hmm oh well! thats what sundays are for i guess.

002. so at the start of the week it was a awful week, but this blog did keep my spirits up! i don't think I've ever had that many comments on one post before. and it really did make me smile loads! so thank you all for that, and my week ended up being good. I've realised what great people i have at college, there so lovely and I've made a sort of best friend? if i can say best friend from knowing her since september! but yeah it's great.

003. I'm watching Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging right now, god it's cringey but i secretly do love it. Maybe it's just because of Aaron Johnson! yum yum, and it's set in Worthing just next to Brighton so i like it haha. lolz

004. I was going to be productive today and take photos for the blog shop, but it didn't happen..So sorry for that! and then when i realised about it it had already gotten dark and the lighting was shit. I'll do it this week some time i'm sure! or at the weekend. And i was going to video a vlog but that didn't happen either. gawd whats happening! I'll get it all done this week. Well depends on the video because I'll only do it if my family are out otherwise there think i'm weird talking to a computer? but y'know! I really do want to do one.

005. I'm going to do a keep it or return it post tomorrow, I bought a dress from Topshop (topshop addiction i have going on at the moment i know) but it cost me £40 and i have to be certain on it. So i thought I'd ask you lot! I'll get a photo of it tomorrow

Thank you again for all the comments follows and stuff, I know i say it after every post but i do mean it!
Hope your all having a great sunday.

(looking at this again I NEED MY EYEBROWS DONE, look at those beasts, they are awful!!)


  1. Haha! Angus was on tv while we were all having dinner, I guess that why you were watching it. I've never even seen it!

    Looking forward to your return it or not post - I face the same problem all the time. ♡

  2. of course you can say you have a best friend since september. i called my best friend my best friend about a 2 months after first meeting her! We're still best friends yay!

    I'm doing everything to put revision off right now, i've curled my hair, painted my nails and redoing my makeup (wtf?), now i think it may be time to revise..

  3. aarroonn johnson is something else maayn! i love him


  4. you look great with no makeup, you lucky thing! hehe, i was watching angus, thongs too. gotta love that film. hope you are okay! xx

  5. I love angus thongs and perfect snogging, i read most of the books which were lovely, and aaron johnson is Yummy hehe :)


  6. certainly is what sundays are for! ;)

    angus thongs is too jokeee ha ha


  7. Angus Thongs... is brill! I love seeing all the places that I recognise too :) And Aaron Johnson is a total babe *swoon* ha Have an awesome Sunday evening too :) x

  8. Your skin looks so flawless, I wish I looked like that without make up hehe
    ooh I remember when I started reading Angus thongs, I was 12 and already I really wanted to go to England, especially to Boots, which sounded like the place to be haha she kept mentioning it! And the uniform, I so wanted one too, with a beret!

    xx Iris

  9. Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging is a great film, and aaron johnson is gorgeous!
    + fcourse you can her your bestfriend! xx

  10. sounds like a nice sunday tbh :)
    cute blog xo

  11. hey there(: i just happened to run into your blog and i'm really glad i did! you have a wonderful blog going here and some great inspiring posts and cute outfits! so glad i stopped by for a visit im sure i'll be back again soon!



  12. oooooooooooooooo do a vlog! i can't imagine what you sound like! but it'd be nice to put a voice to that face ;)
    i'm glad your week ended up getting better ;)
    are you planning on going to uni atall? trust me, if you do, you will have a best friend within a week, it's ace!

    and thankyarrr for your de-lish comment on mine, i'd swap hair with you any day. swapsies?!

    love, emma xx

  13. aaron is just yummy! did you see him in kick-ass? it's an american movie and he was a nerdy character but i just love him haha!

    and you are just too gorgeous, rose. it's not fair. <3


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!