08 January 2011


Hello blogging world how nice to see you again, Sorry for being very distant over the last few days! I haven't posted since Wednesday! Don't really know what happened. Haven't been feeling myself really, earlier in the week i was feeling down about college and the work i was producing, thats all cleared up you'd be happy to know hahaha. we did a life drawing class on Friday and my work came out pretty okay and it made me feel better about it. So that is all good, the reason i haven't been posting is because i had to finish off all my Fashion project work for Friday and i left it all to last minute again! (note to self do not leave ANYTHING to last minute) and then my friend stayed round last night and now i feel like shit. Not sure if I'm coming down with something or not? I have no idea! but i want to apologise about not posting i will be back on top by Monday and back to my usual self!

so i do have a few photos over the past few days, nothing exciting just i hate writing a post and not putting any pictures with it.

trying to sport the Blair Waldorf look today. Headband was £7 from Urban Outffitters (and if I'm going to be truthful..It's my friends not mine)
New purse! loving this. It was reduced from £18 to £5 from Urban Outfitters!

New tights!! £2 from primark, Distracting myself from work by taking pictures of myself lolz vain, what i wore that day my cardigan again that I'm obsessed with, my cat likes to sit on my work.

sorry for the random and well..Boring post! I promise you i will be back to normal tomorrow. I'm thinking off doing a video haul post or just a video blog, if i can work out how to upload on youtube and ect ect.  me+technology= something that could become stressful

Thank you again for the comments! I'm almost at 200 followers so I'm trying to think off and get ready for a 200 follower giveaway!! not for definite but i think all you lot deserve it as you've all been so lovely to me. i've got a few comments from anonymous people saying do a perfume and make up post. not being mean but i don't think i will! I don't wear any sort of special perfume so the post would be very boring. And my make up isn't that good either so,sorry. I may consider a make up video in the end but I'm not sure.

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday evening, I'm sitting in bed with my cats feeling sorry for myself, I'm hoping I haven't got this flu going around!


  1. LOVE! the purse!!!
    what a great buy!!

  2. I love the cardi and denim jacket combo :) get better soon! x

  3. how many times have i told myself i'm not going to leave it to the last minute, swear i get worse every time!! hahaha. really like that croc purse :) goooood steal xx

  4. yay I brought those primark tights yesterday! you have to love the cheapness x

  5. Nice tights, especially since they were such a bargain!
    I love your blog by the way!

  6. Love that purse sweet! I just had a snoop at UO accessories sale but I prefer looking at purses in real life before buying aha. I'm such. A nerd. I can't physically bring myself to cram for work before deadlines! xx

  7. Hahah love the captions for these photos ;) I'm really slacking with blogging too and it's killing me! But still hope you are well, and gimme gimme yo' urban outfitters stuff NOWW!x

  8. Loving the purse! and such a bargain!,x

  9. I love reading your blog post because they are always interesting! and i hope you feel better


  10. Your cat is a cutie :)
    Ang xxx

  11. love the headband and the cardigan! i'm felling a little under the weather too, i think there's something going round. Feel better soon!

  12. Love the cardigan & tights! your cat is SO adorable :) x


  13. Purse is lovely - what a bargain! x

  14. hehe, blair warldorf look ;) ♥

    cute purse!xxx


  15. Love the purchases! You have a cute blog ♡

  16. ooooo my fellow urban outfitter/scarf head. i see you bagged a bargain there! i love the urbz sale, it's so good as long as you get there early enough!

    don't take no notice of people demanding things, it's your blog!

    love, emzz xxx

  17. oh how cute is your cat?! my cat likes to lie on anything important too - especially if i'm, sewing, apparently freshly spread out fabric makes a comfy sleeping place!


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!