02 January 2011

Sunday blog week 14

First Sunday of January! Have to say it feels no different. I knew it wouldn't buy hay ho lets hope the rest of the year is better then 2010.

001. No make up post. I'm going to bed early tonight because I'm getting up early tomorrow to go have breakfast in starbucks with my best friend then to do some serious shopping. I'm going back to college Tuesday so i am desperate need of clothes before that! I've already planned my outfit (lolz im organised as you can tell) so i shall do an outfit post tomorrow cause I have just charged my camera!

002. on the note of cameras the lovely lovely Irene mentioned getting a new camera and it made me think that maybe i should start saving up for a good SLR. I'm not complaining about my camera because it's a good Lumix one. but it's not an SLR and I'd defiantly love one of them! my outfit photos would be so much better. Seeing as this blog is getting more followers by the day! I think i want the quality of the photos to be better for you lot.

003. So yeah followers. Or readers as i like to call you! I am so overwhelmed by the support I've been getting on this blog especially over the christmas period it seems to have been popular! in my eyes anyway. Obviously I'm not boasting because I'm not a known blogger! but for me this is amazing. I'm at 149 followers and i couldn't be happier. you all make me so happy! and thank you for all the wonderful comments and all you lot that talk to me on twitter. you make me happy when I'm in a bad mood (Which is a lot of the time at the moment haha)

004. so my day today was a very boring day, me and my mum moved my whole bedroom round and now i love it. Defiantly better then it was before. And i think i have a good place to take outfit pictures now! so this is an improvement and then i spent the rest of the day drinking tea sitting in bed reading blogs. and straightening my hair! if you follow me on twitter you'll know i tried everything i could think off to put me off doing my college work. Which was stupid but i hate doing it so i didn't. And that involved straightening my already naturally dead straight hair.. Hmm sometime i wonder if my brain works properly?

Thank you everyone again. I thought I'd add a video off what I'm listening to right now because I absolutely love her voice and you should all go look at her youtube!!

i am in love with this song that is all.

ps. an update I HAVE STARTED MY COLLEGE REPORT! yay for me. now it's just finishing it off


  1. don't even mention college!:(
    i did half of my work today and i want to go shopping tomorrow so desperately but i know i'll regret it on tuesday! ughh i hate college!

    i wish i could move my room around, but i have built in wardrobes which i hate, so i cant:(

  2. That song is beautiful hun!! Your blog is wonderful, you deserve the support, hope you have a great shopping trip. Good luck with your savings pot, a good camera is so worth it xxx

  3. Ahh I have so much work to do for uni its unreal, but I'm also completely putting it off xx

  4. Good luck with your shopping trip tomorrow, hope to see blog post on it, yeah, i'm thinking about investing in a new camera but i don't know which one to get, another digital camera or a SLR? xxx

  5. I think you are a known blogger! Its great that people are reading your blog :) totally feel for you with college work. I have 3 exams when i get back :| x

  6. girl you look beautiful with no make up on! and happy new year :)

  7. you're so beautiful its sickening ;)

    i wrote about you in my Top Five 2010 Bloggers section of my post on my blog here... http://lydia--lee.blogspot.com/2011/01/hold-up-wait-minute.html if you'd like to check it out :)

  8. ah love this song such a great pick! and fab photo too!

  9. your hair is insane!



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