01 January 2011

2010 reflection and 2011 goals

I'm not one for resolutions. Because i never keep at them EVER but I've seen a few blogs do 2011 goals and i thought I'd do some for me. because i defiantly need some goals in my life to work towards. It's so satisfying knowing you've done something you set out to do.

Firstly i want to say Happy new year to everyone! I hope you all had a great night last night. I have to say mine was...eventful to say the least! I am so glad i went out in the end. I didn't have dinner with my family but it worked out okay cause i saw them this morning and it was all fine. so it all worked out for the best really! I've spent my day doing absolutely nothing. My cousins uncle and auntie left at about 12.30 and after that i've been sat in bed doing nothing. how is everyone else holding up with their hangovers? anyway on to the list! It took me a while to think of some things to write because well i am exhausted and i always find it hard to set goals for myself because I'm never someone who actually sticks to them so i tried to make them realistic and easily to achieve.


1. Do well at college and pass the first year

2. Get a good job with good money and start earning for myself

3. Get an internship in fashion if possible

4. Excersise more

5. Re do my maths GCSEs and get a C (an E just doesn't really look good on my CV)

6. Become more confident with the way i look and in my own personality

7. Make time for my friends from secondary school and to not loose contact with them

8. Start making things and being creative with sewing. Maybe even sell a few things

9. Get on with my brothers 

10. Visit London at least once a month because i don't go enough at the moment! or even move to London

11. Take more time into this blog taking better pictures getting a new camera

12. Do something nice for my parents as a thank you 

13. meet some bloggers! it would be weird but something i would love to do

I seem to be rambling on here. So i will stop! I'm not sure if these are the best things i could write but i do find it so hard to set myself goals. I may change this as i go along and i think i might make a page on my blog for this so as i go along i can cross off the ones i've achieved and keep a record! who knows. if anyone can suggest anything else that would be a good goal for me then be my guest! I'd also love to know what you've set yourself for 2011. 

I thought I'd reflect on 2010 too. It's been an ok year thats all i can really say! i mean it wasn't awful but some things i wish hadn't off happened, and in some ways i wish it was different! I lost a few friends and gained some new ones. I started a fresh at college and i couldn't of been happier there! that is one of my highlights of 2010 is starting college. It's the best time i've had and i love all the friends I've made there.
I don't want to drag on about 2010 because it's now 2011 and i am glad to see the back of it. So happy new year everyone! and i hope your 2011 is as good as i hope mine is.  


  1. Nice post! You got some classics goals there!!

  2. I want to visist london too !
    Happy new year !!


  3. These are some great goals :) I really want to get to London more but i live so far away :( oh and if you ever need help with maths im very happy to. Maths is one of my strong points fortunately haha xx

  4. Glad you found a good solution to the dilemma and got to see everyone you wanted to at some point! Good luck with the resolutions, and happy new year :) x

  5. Awww wicked goals :) I'd like to do a post like this but I probz won't stick to 59% of it pha :| I'm going to try and do some of the things you've put, like sew, I've been looking in haberdasheries and everything recently :D Happy New Year!xx

  6. It's great to have goals to work towards :) good luck with all of yours. xxxx

  7. move to london would be amazing, if you do i will be so so jealous!


  8. this is a great post, i wanna visit London too and meet some bloggers. Good luck in 2011 xxx

  9. Good Luck for 2011 x

  10. Happy new year, and I wish you all the best with your resolutions!
    ...I found it really hard keeping in touch with my old friends when I moved to a new college without them, it's possible, but don't be too upset if you drift apart for a while, true friends always come back together in the end ;)

  11. Definitely agreed with 4 and 6. Nice post! Followed. :)

  12. love your resolutions. Happy new year xx

  13. i love your blog and style, literally spent a good 15 minutes having a look through your posts :) following you :) hope 2011 is a good'n :3 x

  14. Great resolutions! :)

    What do you do with your spare time? maybe you could write a blogpost about that? sorry if it sounds sad lol. Do you go clubbing alot? prefer dinners? etc etc... read alot, i'm a bookworm haha!

    And please consider a perfume /beauty post, thankyou :)xx

  15. happy new year! lovely resolutions, a few of yours are on my list, too :) i hope you are okay! xx

  16. some good'uns in there!
    i want to move to london for the third year of uni, i love it there!

    also, don't you reckon there should be a blog party, where we get a venue and and all the bloggers come to it and have a red carpet style party?! kind of like a holiday reunion :)

    good luck with the resolutions anyhoos!

    love, emma xx

  17. hello i was just wondering please please reply back you said that you got a e in maths the past time and got into 6th form..how did you do that ? because in most schools you need a c to get in
    please answer asap x

  18. @anonymous I don't really know how to reply to you. If you give me your email address I'll reply to you on that? That's easier cause my situation was a bit different to other people i guess...


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