03 January 2011

New shoes

Today was meant to be a day full of  college work and drinking tea, but it wasn't. I got up at 8 and got to town by 10 i spent literally all day shopping and now I'm knackered. I only ended up getting 2 things and i spent over £80. How does his happen?! so I'm feeling a bit sad, I hate spending christmas money cause when it's gone it's gone. I literally need a job so badly.  Anyway I'll get on with what i wore today!
It was absolutely freezing in Brighton today and it snowed the teeniest bit. I was hoping it would be a blizzard so that i could have another day off college (haven't done any work and i'm regretting it a lot now) after this post i WILL get on with my Fashion report. so yeah as i was saying it was cold so i put a lot of layers on

Jeans Topshop | boots Topshop | Long sleeve black top Primark | Scarf H&M | Coat Vintage |
so this is what i wore today! I love my jeans so much. I can't stop wearing them!! It's weird cause I never ever wear jeans but i am totally converted and will be buying a lot more i think! my hair looks different in these photos. I did clip my fringe up on the sides because it's getting too long and i don't like how it looks at the moment. Defiantly in need of a hair cut! Luckily my mums a hairdresser so she knows how i like it done and doesn't chop too much off like normal hairdressers do. I'm thinking off wearing this outfit to college tomorrow. not sure! 

So as i was saying before i went on a shopping trip today with the best friend. she bought so bloody much and i was quite jealous! she has a job in Tkmaxx so gets paid quite a lot. I'm hoping tog et one in there when their next hiring if i don't get a job soon i think I'll have to live off hand me down clothes or something! literally going to be skint after my christmas money is gone. Thats why I'm being a bit stindgy (god knows how you spell that word) with my money. I spent £80 today and  feel bad for doing so!!
Topshop Loafers £50|
I AM IN LOVE. I've been wanting these shoes for so long and i finally bought them today, not sure why i haven't bought them before? but I'm so glad i did i love them already and I've only tried them on. They go with everything though and i can finally wear my denim jeans because none of my other shoes worked well with them. Maybe when it's a little warmer though cause rolled up jeans and no socks? hmm not a good idea in January (woah was about to write December then but remembered it's not!)
so that was half my money gone on a pair of shoes. I'm not regretting them though cause i know i'll get my moneys worth with wearing them. 

Topshop Cardi £38|
this is the one thing that i regret..Well not regret but I'm not sure if i like spending £38 on a cardigan. I do love it though and i could see myself wearing it loads? Hmm what do you all think. Shall i keep it or take it back and get more with my money? God I'm stingy aren't i. sometimes i hate spending money on things butt hats what it's there for! christmas money was meant to buy me some new clothes so thats what I'm doing i guess. So yeah i love the  colour of this cardigan! my best friend has the same one but she tried putting me off but it didn't work! i still got it haha. We argued a bit cause she wanted my camel jeans and i wanted this. but we worked it out (it was only a joking argument) she got a lot of lovely things that i wish i could steal off her! I might just borrow them instead!

i always think i talk too much on my blogposts? i do ramble on a bit but i don't like just posting pictures and leaving it. I like to tell you about my day and everything! is that what you like?  well i saw on the lovely Lydia who's blog is amazing and has a great giveaway going on at the moment for a Alexandra Wang esque studded clutch bag so take a look! she also mentioned me in one of her top five favourite bloggers. and i want to say a massive massive thank you to her!! and she said she likes that i write more then a paragraph. So i guess i shall carry rambling on! 

Hope you all had a great bank holiday Monday. I'm back at college tomorrow and I'm dreading it. Are any of you back at college too?


  1. you deserve the shout out on lydia's blog, your blog is awesome, don't check it, i like that you read more than just a paragraph too. I did a post on my blog too on my top 5 bloggers for 2010 and you're on it so you can check out if you like.... i love the shoes, but the cardigan is a tough one, i like it but i'm not sure if i'd spend £38 on it but ha i'm really stingy too with money = )


  2. love your nose piercing!

    and love lydia's blog!


  3. I love both the cardigan and the shoes, I think with Christmas and Birthday money it is nice to splash out on things you otherwise might not have been able to afford :)

    R x

  4. Your not stingy at all ! I say keep the shoes and put an insole in them, even better get a very thin heel put on them probably cost about £5.00 to do, that way your shoes won't get spoilt. That's what i do and it keeps shoes lasting much much longer.

    I say return the cardigan in my opinion-Its something that can easily be replicated and bought from a charity or thrift store, its nice but not special looking if you know what i mean. Keep the money aside, that way at least you have a substantial amount left from your xmas monies.-If that makes sense lol.

    Personally i wouldn't but that cardigan, search out a similar one from a charity shop or thrift store as i said before....The shoes are defo a keeper though :) I also love your blog, P.S beauty and perfume post pleaseee :)

  5. Love those loafers, I saw a sweet pair in Miss Selfridge but there were no sizes ): Size 7 is too big for me! I agree, never wear jeans or trousers that often either but I've been looking for some camel/nude chinos! So I'm going to go to some vintage shops haha :)

  6. GOOD OL' TOPSHOP ;) I'm paying the deposit and admin fees for my new student house this semester, so I still won't have money to waste! I'm definitely getting on the job hunt as soon as possible! I love your pom pom scarf and new loafers sweet! xxx

  7. the cardigan is a lot of money when you don't have a job, but i think the colour of it really suits you!

  8. I love that you ramble Rose, I read literally every word! Thanks for the cute mention honey.


  9. ooooo! i LOVE those topshop loafers. my friend had a similar pair and i always used to stole them, until we wore them to death ha. dont feel guilty about spending the money, enjoy it doll whilst you have it:) can't wait to show you the shop (plus am so giving you a sneaky discount code for all of your lovely comments and tweets) xx

  10. i love those loafers so so cool!



    The Flower Girl


  11. I love those loafers and i really love that cardigan.


  12. Love that outfit so much! & £38 is quite alot but it does look lovely and that colour really suits you! xx

  13. i adore your new loafers! they are perfect, don't feel bad for buying them! they are an investment piece :) the cardigan is lovely too, but personally i think you should take it back and spend the money on some of topshop's staple tops or in your local charity shops / car boot sales. xxx

  14. I always have jokey arguments with my friends about buying the same clothes, it can't be helped, we all have the same style!
    And don't feel guilty about buying statement pieces! like you said, you'll get your moneys worth by wearing them alaat! I love working out how much i've worn an item and how the cost was actually reasonable..
    love your blog :) (sorry for the essay!)

  15. im loving your blog recently!, i love everything you bought, especially the jeans from topshop, there in such a nice colour!. I love the cardigan as well. I do agree £38 is a lot and im always put off buying the knitted cardigans and jumpers from topshop because of the price!. But im tempted to go and get one of them myself. x

  16. You look beautiful! I can't stop wearing my new jeans either haha! xx

  17. I really like the jeans. great colour. :)


  18. 38 pounds on a cardigan, I would be cringing too! I'm horribly stingy. I have to avoid Topshop except for in the wonderful sales period. Nice layering, this is the amount of layers I wear every day, I'm so pathetic and cold!
    It would be mine
    Pompoms! Cute :)

  19. i like the rambling :)
    + keep the cardie! its the sorta thing that yeah the price was a bit daft but the wear you'll get out of it will make it worth-while xoxo

  20. Adore the loafers, gorgeous!! The cardi is lovely, and yes a little pricey but it looks so nice! xo

  21. I say keep the shoes as they are seriously gorgeous !! But the cardigan is over priced in my opinion and something you can find in many charity shops. It's not worth £38 i am afraid, but the colour suits you well.

  22. you look very ruddy warm!sometimes warmth just has to come over fashion. x

  23. I feel the same way, I think its just topshop to be honest :/
    I never really shop in there any more - it guarantees to drain all of the money that I have on things that can be bought for much cheaper in other places!
    The things are sometimes very beautiful but other times just very ordinary - I think its just a Topshop hype :/

    I just recently found your blog and its lovely :)

  24. I love the shoes:)
    And you´re really lovely.

    + follow

  25. hmm i really like the colour of the cardigan, if you think you'll wear it a lot hen its worth the money. Love your jeans btw and i'm a big fan of the layered look :) x

  26. ello my love!
    sorry i've been mia :)
    catching up on your blog now though!

    i like the shoes, i agree with your musings though, i think £38 for the cardi is loads! i picked up tons of stuff from urbs at the weekend for £30 and a few dressed for a tenner! i'm doing a haul post tomorrow :)

    and i love when you write with your pictures, there's nothing lazier than just posting pictures, so continue to tell us about your days :)

    love, emma xx

  27. I loveeee your loafers! Totally my style!!:)



  28. Nice outfit. I love those shoes! I've been eyeing them up for months, but unfortunately they don't fit me :) Either shoes have got bigger.. or my feet have definitely shrunk! It's so annoying when the smallest size doesn't fit because I can't buy nice shoes like these!

    Expensive yes, but I'm sure you will indeed get your money's worth :)

  29. You look great in this. Love those loafers - perfect for Winter day's when you are dying to dispose your boots to the back of the wardrobe! Love it x


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