05 January 2011

Bad day in a lot of ways

As the title says, this was a bad day! I'm not going to complain much because complaining is what i do all the time. Well thats what my college friends say!! But lets just put it this way, My artwork is defiantly not at the standard it should be and i don't know how to make it better. The only good thing that happened to me today was i found a fiver on the street! Woohoo this never happens to me. I felt a bit mean like i should give it to someone but meh they lost it so it's their fault (defiantly shouldn't of said that. If i was the one who lost it i would of been upset) so that did put me in a bit of a good mood as now i have £60 in my purse and about £120 in my bank, or less i can't really remember how much i got out and i'm dreading finding out. the only problem is I'm trying to find some nice staple pieces for my wardrobe but every shop seems to be letting me down! Topshop is just becoming too over priced for my liking and it's still not that great quality. Oh and I think I'm keeping the cardigan I was going to take it back for sure but I think i like it so I'll keep it. Still had the label on today just incase i did want to take it back (naughty me!) so who knows i might do in the end if i don't get it dirty or wear it again. All your comments did help though! on the note of comments i cannon't believe how many comments i got on my last post! over 20..Wow thank you all so so much it has meant a lot to me and it really did put a smile on my soggy wet face (it was raining on the way home) so you did put me all in a good mood. And I'm up to 160 followers now!! I'm thinking off doing a 200 followers giveaway.

Rambling on again aren't i. This is what i wore today i decided to put on a very comfy outfit today as i didn't want to get any of my good clothes spoiled by the ink we we're using today, AND charcoal..not a good mix right?.

Cardigan Topshop| Denim Jacket Topshop| Leggings Topshop| Boots topshop| Scarf H&M| 
Right none of my outfit pictures were coming out right today. I thought I'd have a good place to take them since moving my room around but as you can see..I don't! I'll work on it, I haven't actualy tried everywhere so I'm sure I'll find a good place. I resorted to having to show you in the mirror cause otherwise i couldn't get a full body shot in. and in the first picture i look like a twat. Yes from the start of the morning i knew it was going to be a bad day. I'm also wearing a bit too much Topshop here! and I'm doing the big no no by wearing leggings as trousers..Give me a break i was tired and wanted comfy clothes ;) 

This is what i ended up producing today. I'm not happy with them at all. we had to draw our fashion pieces that I've mentioned before..I mention them a lot because it's the best thing I've done at college and i enjoyed it SO much. waah i want to do a fashion project again :( we had to work with tone and tone is one thing i am awful at (as you can tell) I thought I'd post them on here to get some constructive criticism. Don't be too mean though i know that they are truly awful! defiantly not something that should of been produced by a level 3 art student. urgh it puts me in a bad mood just looking at them!

Thank you everyone again for the comments. You always make me smile! One thing I'd like to say is i think soon i will set up my blogshop. I have a lot of things i would like to sell so i have set up a blog for it but nothings been put on. but take a look and follow if you think you'd be interested. It'll probably be clothes and shoes and maybe some things for rooms. not sure yet need to sort through everything! And I'm not good with all the selling and things so I'll need a bit of help with my Dad so that i can do it all write!! but yeah. sorry for the moany post but i will speak to you tomorrow hopefully. I've decided to plan my outfit now so i don't have the rush in the morning like this morning to decide what to wear. I'm thinking my jeans and new shoes!!

Link to blogshop here


  1. Well I think your drawings are really nice, especially the second one it's really pretty!

    I know what you mean with your artwork, I always get that too I hate what I do and when I compare it with other people's work I feel really bad.. they say practice makes perfect so you could maybe do the work a few times and a bit differently until you're happy with it? :)

    xx Iris

  2. I know this probably makes me sound pervy and like a lesbo, but you have a great bottom!! Hahaha just thought I'd let you know! Cheer up chicka, you'll be fine. You've got more money than me, I lost £40 once :( it fell out my pocket, and then on the way home I found a fiver on the bus haha, still £35 down though!!!! xxx

  3. love your outfit in these!

    your art is good! don't get me started on art though, such a massive workload and it all turns out balls :|


  4. I just found your blog,
    and I love it!
    All your outfits are perfect,
    keep up the good work!

  5. just keep swimming :)
    im very jealous of you living in brighton, i was there for 3 years living and breathing art, i moved back home last summer and miss brightonia muchly! ive only just started a blog myself, and i just found yours and already love it :) x

  6. I definitely think you should keep on going with your art, I've felt exactly the same way numerous times (well actually I'm feeling the same right now if I'm honest!) and although it feels completely awful, it is worth it in the end.

    And in terms of the drawings, maybe try practising some tone on a slightly smaller scale? Sometimes when you've got a large area to cover it can be pretty daunting so maybe concentrate on something a bit smaller to get used to it. I know at college they made us work on a pretty big scale but I really didn't like it, so to begin with I'd do smaller pieces so I could work up to something bigger.

    I hope that helps :)

  7. N'awh I like this outfit Rose! The colours of all your layers work so nicely together, and your jacket updates it for a fresher look (: I remember 'losing' £30 out of my pocket once, I was so gutted, I back tracked my steps and eventually found it in the woods near my street aha! SCOREE! I like your art work! Tonal work used to stress me out, but practising small-scale really helped me out (: xxx

  8. I really like your blog.

  9. I like your style. Greetings from Poland! ;)

  10. I think what happens with art work is that you get SO stressed that you cant draw - or at least cant draw well - you freak out and th standard remains the same. beleive me i have been here so many times. Is it watercolour? if so just try and use a bit more water and a realy clean brush for the base and build on it from there. hope this helped xoxo

  11. cheer up lovely:) hope you day got better and you have a good one today! i found some money today and won a tenner on the lottery! so a pretty lucky day for us both in some respects xx

  12. i love the way you've layered up to make the skinnies looks all dressed up! great sketches too ;) x

  13. Great post! Love your boots and your hair!

  14. Great jacket, your legs are amazing aha x

  15. mmm layering, i love it! great boots too :) your legs are so long! lol!

    love your blog! :)


  16. cute shoes, lovely blog following.


  17. LOVE the outfit - you have great style, following! ♡

    You should definitely keep going on with your art. I'm sure lots of people feel that way too, and sometimes you just have to be in the mood to draw. Just keep practicing!

  18. cool blog. nice outfits!
    i followed(: do you want to follow mine?

    X zoé - lightningfactory.blogspot.com -


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