12 December 2010

Sunday blog week 12

every time i do a Sunday blog (or Monday blog as it was last week) i always forget how long i've been doing this! 12 weeks. Thats long for me anyway! I never normally stick at ANYTHING i do and i've actually stuck at this blog. I enjoy it so much.

001. I added 3 pictures today because, well because i felt like it! you can't tell in the photos but i've got my nose ring in! and i've kept it in for 3 days woah. Never normally do that. so yeah I've got that in!

002. My week has been a good week. Very stressful week though finishing off Fashion project was one of the most stressful things i've done. But i enjoyed it! it was one good project. And the final piece turned out well. oh on that note thankyou all for the lovely comments on my last post about my final piece! means a lot. I'm never happy with anything i do so it's really nice to get comments from other people.

003. So my weekend has been a boring weekend. I did nothing but sleep and watch xfactor. Friday i was so exhausted from College so i just went round to my best mates house and eat food. Saturday was another boring day. Didn't get up all day really I'm getting lazier and lazier each week! college takes the life out of me. and then i watched Xfactor. Who else was happy that Cher went! i hated her. but i have to admit her performance with Will I Am was actually really good! I actually can't decide who i want to win, I like them all. but probably Rebecca?

004. so my Sunday was boring i did nothing but sit in bed and eat today, god writing this has shown how lazy and boring my weekend has been! oh well i love lazy days especially with how tired i am at the moment. I'm off to my best friends this evening with a few of my old friends that i haven't seen in a while. So it'll be nice! Lily is cooking us a roast. well she'll try anyway!

005. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who's commented this week and followed. I've been a bit distant over the past week and a bit. but i am back to my old self! and i've got an exciting week coming up. Fashion show for college on Thursday modelling my final piece. Theres a lot of industry people coming, and people from Universities so it's a big opportunity (please don't fall Rose PLEASE). I shall post some pictures of it if my mum and dad get any. I hope you all have had a lovely week and a lovely weekend. And i shall post tomorrow! I'm thinking off doing a video blog i say it a lot and never actually do one but i think i will this week. so theres something to look forward to


  1. ah lovely photos! i've had a pretty busy weekend-full of shopping and whatnnot! but i still feel there's something missing, hm! hope your all good sweetie. xxxx

  2. your hair looks lovely in these photos :)

  3. i think Sundays are made to just stay in bed and relax :)

  4. I was also happy Cher went! There was just something about her I didn't like, but yeah I agree her performance with Will.i.am was pretty good!
    Good luck with the fashion show on Thursday I'm sure it'll be great :) x

  5. Irene- thankyou! oh i wish i had been shopping this weekend :( xxxx

    elise- thankyou!

    Susanne- I think so too ;) i do love staying in bed till late morning and then just drinking tea all day haha ( i sound like a old women)

    Harriet- Yeah! she was very arrogant. Thank you lovely! I'm so nervous about it. It's meant to snow that day so I'm hoping it's cancelled or postponed hahaha x

  6. your hair is to die for missus.

    i'm glad you're back to yourself :) yaaaaaaaaaay


  7. very cute! i love ur hair! :)


  8. Voodle- Aw thankyou! xx

    Natalie Suarez- wow thank-you!! x

  9. Wow I love your blog. This post made me feel great because I know that I love lazy days too.. I was so happy Cher went! I also love your hair and desperately want my nose pierced too.. Ah well, not sure I can stretch my parents to allowing that but you have inspired me. By the way, gorgeous hair! xx


  10. Boring weekends can totally be equally fun as busy ones! I love my lazy days, like today! Anyway.. your hair is absolutely gorgeous!


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