14 December 2010

Christmas wish list

So it is christmas soon and aren't well excited. i am!! the only problem at the moment is my family hasn't put up the Christmas tree yet, It's not properly festive season until the tree goes up. So I'm hoping it's some time this week! if not i wont be happy. I haven't got any outfit posts this week which is annoying. and I haven't posted since Sunday! god what is wrong with me at the moment. I'm not doing well on this blog posting It's been stressful few days at college, it's all the rehearsing for the Fashion show which is on Thursday so thats kind of the reason theres no outfit posts, because we have to wear all black under the body sculptors so i've just been in really boring all black outfit, now who wants to see that right? but don't worry people I do have a post! I thought I'd do a wish list for christmas.

I don't get much for christmas, I'm not complaining now we'd all love to be rich and stuff but my family isn't and with Triplets it's actually quite hard for my parents! I never really realised until now since i've got older. So i don't complain! what i get is fine with me. I mean i do get quite a bit. £100 from my mum and dad is actually quite good. and i can get more with it because instead of my mum and dad spending money on clothes/shoes stuff for me before christmas i can buy my stuff after Christmas in the January sales, always look on the bright side me (he he had to do that) so i thought I'd list a few things that I really want!
Petite Black Lace Panel Smock Dress
Petite Rust Knitted Open CardiganDusty Rose Knitted Moss Stitch Jumper
Nude Birds Over The Knee TightsSilk Shirt By BoutiqueNavy Daisy Print Skirted Sleeveless Dress
Black Retro Diamond Rose Print PlaysuitBlack Floaty Contrast Waistband Skirt Rust Belted Cord Shorts

KAMILLE Soft Leather BroguesNails in GalacticDesert Floral Print Twist Front BlouseButtermilk Mesh Cape Shirt
well defiantly loving more of topshop then i thought! I got all the way to the end of putting the images up then i realised i hadn't put any of the prices or anything! but there ALL from topshop!

First row: Love the sheer tunic. I've seen this a few times in my local Topshop it's so nice! I really want something sheer, like this or a sheer shirt. I posted the same cardigan a few weeks back but it was a light blue colour! I defiantly like this one. It's more wintery even though winter is almost up? Well i dunno it's still cold in Jan/Feb so who knows! I almost bought this knitted jumper once when Debenhams had the 20% off day and so the topshop in there had everything 20% off. But i still didn't have enough money. defiantly want this! i think it'll look nice layered underneath my denim jacket.

second row: another sheer thing. this time a shirt! It's not something I'd normally go for it's probably too..formal for me? But i really like it! and i really like the colour. I don't think i own anything thats this kind of creamy/off white colour. when i saw this dress i immediately said I WANT THIS. ah i love it! i have a dress in the same print but it's a different shape. this one is just amazing. I think I could wear it to a dinner or a party who knows but all i know is i want it baaad! I also love these tights. I normally go for the plain black tights but i would like to try something new! and i love birds so i thought these would be good

third row: this playsuit was another I WANT IT NOW piece. it's so nice! and i could defiantly see myself wearing it. i don't think you can see cause the picture if quite small but it has tiny embroidered flowers on it. ah so lovely i like how it has long sleeves too. all the playsuits i own have short sleeves so it would be a nice change! and i am a bit addicted to playsuits i always think when i look at a dress 'oh this would be so much nicer if it was a playsuit' i have no idea why, i just love the shape of playsuits. This skirt is very girly in contrast to my style. But i really like it! i think it would be nice tucked into the sheer shirt in the second row. I've been wanting a pair of cord shorts for so long. I saw a pair in urban outfitters but they were cream colour then i saw these on toppers website. and thought they would be so nice on! love that they come with a belt too even better.

fourth row: I need brogues. that is all! I need some badly, i bought a pair a few years ago from topshop but they are a kind of shiny material and it has started to peel so i want some proper sturdy brogues, not sure if topshop ones would be the best? but aren't they pretty! defiantly need to invest in some new nail varnish and this one is great, I love black nail varnish but this one has a nice glittery affect to it. I saw this top in the back in stock section i think. It's great! I'm still a little obsessed with florals since summer and this is something that i could have in my winter wardrobe because it's got a lot of autumn wintery colours in it i love it, another shirt! i think i prefer this one to the other one because it's looser and flowy, it has a a peter pan collar too!

woah sorry for the loads of writing. I think i was in a talkative mood so took it out on my keyboard. thanks for reading it all if you have! and i hope you enjoyed it. I probably wont be posting till maybe Friday? or Thursday. tomorrow will be a busy day with rehearsing for show and then Thursday is the actual show. I might post a few pictures on Thursday cause I am going to have my make up done so i want you too see how it is! wish me luck.

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  1. Get that Christmas tree up pronto! ;) I almost bought that lace insert tunic from Topshop but it hangs so awkwardly on me because I'm so short, boo! Gorgeous picks sweet, I adore the burgundy shorts (: xx

  2. i could seriously do with everything that you have on your wish list xxxx

  3. The daisy print dress is extremely cute. I'm considering investing too x

  4. Amazing wishlist! That daisy print dress is cute, and i recently bought those rust coloured shorts, and the skirt next to it but in the coral. Both are definately items of clothing i'd recommend you get. They fit really nicely and are real comfy!

  5. i love your wishlist.
    - Chantal


  6. Michelle- I KNOW! i think tomorrow is the day for the tree yay! xx

    Kirstyb- haha me too xxx

    Lauren Ellingham- I know i love it!

    VOURTZMELV- oh really, I really do want those shorts there so nice x

    we stole the moon- thanks

  7. thank you for including me sweetie! everything you've put up there is pretty damn fine, and i don't blame you for going overboard with topshop! first website i go and drool at before making wishlists. it's obligatory! :)

  8. thanks for including me rose!

    i'm just emailing you about the blog header now.

    i am in LOVE with those bird tights! i need them naaaaoooo x

  9. Cool post - I love those tights & the black dress at the top, you have really great taste ;)

  10. Ha another crazy Topshop lover! :)
    These are all great peices, the playsuit looks lovely on, and the swallow tights i LOVE.

    Great blog.


  11. Everyone needs a pair of brouges! And good choice, they will go with just about anything! And the bird tights are especially cute, at the moment I have a tiny obsession with bird jewellry! x



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