10 December 2010

Finally it's Friday

So i am so happy to say this but IT'S FRIDAY. normally i like college but at the moment it's just a bit tooooo stressful, with this fashion project and all. I think my blog has suffered a bit this week because of it so i am annoyed about that :( but i am back! relaxed with a hot chocolate and a fluffy warm scarf (woah exciting Friday night right) exhausted so i am having a lazy weekend this time.

I do actually have a outfit post for everyone today! I haven't felt very happy or anything this week. Been feeling really down and stressed, and every morning my hair doesn't work then my face doesn't work, if you get what i mean so i've just been so uninspired to actually do an outfit post or to actually take any pictures of myself. but today i woke up with a different feeling, I was happier and yeah so it's all good!

so this is what i wore today, I went for a simple outfit AGAIN. Really need to liven up my clothes soon but yeah i wore my bodycon skirt again which i just love..Goes with everything and is just so comfy and perfect, then i found one of my mums white long sleeved t-shirts so i wore that, I like it because it's a bit baggier then some of my other t-shirts, I then wore my headscarf which i still love. Except it didn't seem to work as before and in the end i took it off because it just went all wrong. but i did wear it for half the day!  i then wore my Topshop swallow necklace, i love this i saw it so long ago and then it went out of stock and i couldn't of been happier when i saw it back in my local topshop so i bought it straight away i think it was a fiver or something so i thought why not! well actually that is a bit exspensive but who cares. I thought it would make a boring outfit a little bit better, I then had my nose ring in!! if any of you had noticed i had a bet with my friend that i would wear it and if i didn't then i would have to buy her a apple danish. And i had no money so i ended up having to wear it. but i wasn't that bothered by it i think it looked okay! I've started wearing less make up too. I used to wear a lot of eyeliner but now it's just a small amount of mascara. I'm getting lazier so it's because i can't be bothered in the mornings to actually do my eyeliner anymore haha. I'm really tempted to dye my hair brown what do you all think it will look like. and also i did wear a coat and a jumper don't you worry. i didn't go out in just a t-shirt!

and now for the final piece pictures. I AM SO RELIVED ITS FINISHED
it's been a good project and I'm sad it's over because Fashion is what i want to do and after the new year we're doing more fine art and i can't do that so i'm feeling a bit sad i wont get to do any fashion from now on. but i do have the fashion show to look forward to i guess! so what do you all think? we've changed it so much since the start and our original design was a lot different to this. But i think it turned out good! it's meant to look African and Victorian because we got set different cultures and periods to concentrate on. Personally i think it looks very oriental but that might be because of the flowers cut out into the fan..but yeah what our your opinion of this piece! I'd love to hear what you all think, especially you Arty and Fashion student people!

So thanks for coping with my moaning self, I'm sure i'll be back to normal on Monday! After i've had a very relaxing weekend. I'm hoping to put up my Christmas decorations soon i can't wait to get a really good christmas tree. And then next weekend my baby cousin is coming down so it's feeling a lot more festive right now! i hope you all have a lovely weekend 


  1. I fell in love with your necklace!
    Your blog is so lovely <3

  2. i love your necklace too!




  3. swallow necklace haha, LOVE IT! hope you get your moods up in the next week, nearer to crimbo :D, and i love the paper dress, my friend is doing it too atm and it's nowhere as unique as your own. love the outfit too!<3

  4. Swallow necklace is cuute! Brown hair would suit you I think :)
    I know how you feel with feeling stressed with completing a project! I've finally finished mine at college it's such a relief, now I just have to focus on a portfolio...
    I like your final outcome btw, is it all made out of paper? I like the cut out parts! xx

  5. I have a necklace just like that from Accessorize :) Nooo don't dye your hair!! It's a lovely colour! I have brown hair (at the moment slightly auburny) and I'm trying to dye mine your colour! It's such a hard colour to get right, and it fades so fast, I think you should keep it! But if you really want to change it then brown would suit you too. I like your project as well, it looks so interesting. I've just finished a massive project at uni too so I know how you feel :)

  6. jeaaaaaaalous of your nose piercing!

    i love the swallow necklace too - they have the cutest swallow accessories in primark atm!


  7. your final piece is magnificent!!

  8. you look so adorable! ah i wish i lived in england, we would definitely be friends, tehe (: love your blog, dearest <3

  9. Yona- thankyou!

    Becky-May- thanks x

    Irene-i thought you might like it haha! yeah I'm feeling alot better now especially after i had a nice time with my best friend last night. and i just had a chocolate orange hot chocoate woo haha. aww thankyou <3 xxx

    Carina- thanks! yeah i have the same except i have to develope my deisgn sheets, your final piece looked AMAZING btw wish i could do things like that. and yeah it's all made out of cartridge paper! xx

    Harriet- oh really, I find mine really boring. but then i guess everyone finds their own colour boring, okay I'll listen to your advice and keep it :) x
    lydia-lee- haha! you should get it done. oh really? Might have to go look in primark thanks for the notice xx

    Kaleido mind- thankyou!

    Maddy- aww thanks, haha! xx

  10. Your blog is so nice and I love this outfit, sometimes the simple outfits are the best!! Love your project too, looks great xx

  11. Following via bloglovin :)
    Your work is amazing! My friend is doing a similar course I reckon, she had to make something out of paper... She was pretty gutted ha. But yours has worked out brilliantly
    It would be mine

  12. love your outfit and your hair looks gorge xxxx

  13. You have such a great style! :)

    I'm now following you! You can check out my blog too if you want! www.karima-illustration.blogspot.com




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