01 December 2010

Hello December

Roof tops, dusted with snow
It's December! which means it's so nearly christmas. I couldn't be more excited, and with all this snow it's just making my excitement bigger. so today we finally had snow! well we had snow yesterday but in my eyes it was just slush. today it was a bit thicker but not thick enough for me to have a day off college!

Snood £7.99 H&M| Jumper Topshop £38| Tights £9.99 H&M| Playsuit £24.99 H&M| American Apparel Grey jumper £38| Fur trim denim jacket £48|

 so i got prepared today and braved the cold weather! i tried to put on as many layers as i could without looking like a sausage. Surprisingly it wasn't as cold as i anticipated so i did end up taking a few layers off! but what i wore was my H&M playsuit with my thick ribbed tights from H&M too. Now my mum had a go at me this morning because i was wearing a playsuit in december, but i was actually quite warm! you may not believe it but i was. Over the top i wore my Topshop jumper that i haven't ever really worn before, i got it for christmas a year ago and just haven't really had anything to wear it with! but i finally did today. And i love it, reminds me of christmas with the gold beads on it. the only slight problem is it's a  bit itchy around the neck for some reason, i wore it tucked up so it looked like a crop jumper and put a brown belt around it. then of course i wore my american apparel hoody and my denim jacket, are my clothes getting a bit repetitive? i wear that denim jacket WAY too much. i love it though so i don't want to stop. i also was prepared today i put my wellies on! and what a good idea it was. I wasn't slipping at all (just laughing at people who DID sip over, i'm mean aren't i?) i bought these in the summer for Big chill festival and I'm glad i did because now there coming in handy right now. there from Asda. i then put on 2 pairs of socks, one pair were a Knee high beige pair from Primark and then my mums quite expensive pink chasmeere (no idea how to spell it) socks, they were so warm it was unreal. I hope you all had a good snow day too, i had to go to college but it was ok!

anyway i also took some pictures of my cats in the snow, and some pictures of just general snowyness.

I had to take a picture of this. I found it SO cute

sorry for the mish mash of a blog post, It's not really a good one. but yeah some of the snow pictures where taken from my phone so thats why some are different sizes then others. BUT yay for snow! I'm hoping it snows loads this evening so it's really thick tomorrow, so hope you all had a lovely day whether you had snow or not! and i shall post again tomorrow.

oh and don't forget to keep asking me some questions for my video blog! anything you want to ask i'll answer. unless it's rude or nasty? haha. But yeah so far i have....1 question. so keep em' coming it'll be much appreciated


  1. love the snow :)

    great jacket, I love all your clothes!


  2. The snow is really thick here, I couldn't get to college so stayed warm indoors.

  3. Love your outfit. Really want some sort of a playsuit! I wore my black dress yesterday and my mum said excatly the same as yours ha. We have quite a bit of snow here atm, no college today because of it :D xx

  4. how amazing is the view from your window, jealous much?! i haven't been told that we're on a snow day yet, but i've still given myself them and decided to go in on monday, and that's it. vegetation planned for the rest of the week ;)


  5. lydia-lee- i know me too! aww thanks, i love all your clothes! xx

    Helen- it's REALLY thick here now, so college is definatly cancelled tomorrow

    alice-lily- thanks! haha what are mums like. why can't they just leave us be :) ah lucky i still have college but it's gotten reallly thick over the past hour so id on't think i'll be in tomorrow!

    Voodle- i know it's good! can see a lot of Brighton from it! oh have you got no snow yet? haha good plan to just go in on monday, my plan for tomorrow is to drink hot chocolate and eat stew (snows so thick now) <3

  6. These are so lovely. Your ginger cats paw prints almost look ginger enter my giveaway? x hivennn.

  7. aww your pics look cute. i loove the snow. We've had some here, but theyve kept uni open! :( hopefully heading to london on saturday though, that'll be intresting to see f i manage to make it. lol. :) Love your hoodie and jacket too! :) Cooooosy! x


  8. i love your snood, i really want one like this! and your tights look nice and warm :) the pictures of your cat in snow are cute :) xo

  9. like your clothes! and you have such a lovely blog! (:



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