02 December 2010

baby its cold outside

Very cheesy title there, but it's true it's F***ing freezing outside! I've just got in from the snow and i cannon't feel my toes, If it snows again tomorrow i have to say i don't think i'll be venturing out! so i know people must be getting sick of 'snow posts' but hay ho..I'm gonna do one! i have to share my pictures with you, Brighton did look beautiful today. So last night i went to sleep with a blizzard outside my window and when i woke up this is what i saw 

so there are some of the pictures from my window! doesn't it look beautiful? especially all the trees! I do love snow. makes everything look amazing. Now i'll show you some pictures of my snowy walk around Brighton with my best friend. Sorry that most of this is pictures but i thought it would be good to show you!

Denim jacket, Leggings, Studded jumper all Topshop| playsuit, Gloves both H&M| Socks Primark| Wellies Asda| American Apparel Hoodie|

so this was my outfit! I don't think I've ever worn that amount of layers. I mean i looked like a sausage. I Wore my, leggings 2 pairs of tights, playsuit vest cardigan topshop jumper american apparel jumper denim jacket and scarf..oh and mittens, god thats a lot! I was very warm though, well apart from my feet!  as theres pictures of Lily on here i might as well tell you what she's wearing, her coat is from Topshop! which i love and really want to steal off her haha. And then a vintage scarf from car boot sale, and asda wellies. not sure what she's got underneath but who cares! hope you all had a lovely snow day or just a wonderful day, I'm not sure if i have the day off tomorrow but most colleges do, It's weird but i kind of want to be at college. I can't get behind on this project!!
oh and keep getting your questions in, I haven't had any more since my first one haha. So if you want to ask me something do!! otherwise i probably wont do a video blog
Rose xo


  1. Awhhhhh these are beautiful pictures! xo

  2. i think thats a good title! a bit of cheese is fine. wow brighton pier looks cool in the snow




    new outfit post on my blog

  3. I love snowy pictures, I've just posted some myself, great minds eh! I had no college today, I couldn't get there Yippee!!

  4. i love the the pictures.. but man I am happy that it hasn't snowed in Toronto yet..! it could hold off a little longer but its cold..!

  5. These are such beautiful pictures!!
    the snow looks lush and white,
    and i love your wellies, they are gorgeous !!

    check out my blog :

  6. Oh you are so lucky to live in Brighton! I remember going to the Brighton Pavilion for a textiles trip and it was beautiful. As was the high street! Me and my friends kind of..split off from the group and went down the high street- literally EVERY shop was there haha! And the pier is the most beautiful part <3
    You look beautiful and I LOVE your wellies!
    And yes it is cold! I went sledging today and my fingers were literally blocks of ice :S

  7. Victoria India- Thank you xx

    Becky-May-I know it looks amazing x

    Helen-I know i saw yours! i shall comment soon i haven't got round to it haha yours are great!

    Call me Alisha- oh wow you live in Toronto!

    ifee- aw thanks, haha Asda wellies are the best!

    Shabna- i know Brighton is pretty good haha, ooh textiles trip! yeah high street is good, aw thanks. i know i came home and i literally couldn't feel my hands! xx

  8. Gorgeous photos, the houses in your area are just darling! I haven't been to Brighton in over a year, shocking! I love looking at the old burnt down pier, and having a sneaky dinner on the beach with my mumabear! xx

  9. i'm way jealous of all you guys and your real snow. i live in a city centre populated by slush while everyone else is posting wintery whimsy pictures. i'm DYING to make a snowman.

  10. How stunning/ dangerous are those icicles?


  11. All i keep singing is baby it's cold outside. . .only problem is its driving my boyfriend mad because I don't know the rest of the words haha x

  12. Michelle- thank you! oh wow you HAVE to come to Brighton soon. aww that sounds nice <3

    beewaits- it seems to have turned sort of into slush in places, especially in the middle of town! ah i'm sure you'll get snow soon! xx

    the Dandizette-i know there amazing! had to take a picture of them haha xx

    landi- hahaha! i keep doing that, repeating it all the time. my brothers want to punch me x

  13. Wow, everything looks so pretty, I espesh love the photos of the pier and the icicles. Beautiful! I live in Cardiff, and we had hardly anything! At least it's not stopped me getting about though.


  14. pookie- i know it was all lovely looking, yeah i guess thats good. Alot of stuff was disrupted

  15. ah the Pav looks so pretty in the snow! x

  16. Gorgeous pictures! I was in Brighton yesterday but all the snow had gone boo x

  17. phoebe- it really does! it looked amazing x

    Helen- oh did you! did you enjoy Brighton :)?


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