17 December 2010

The Fashion Show!

It's over and done with! the fashion show was yesterday and it was stressful, but i loved it SO much. such a fun thing to do..Real models must enjoy their job so much haha. I was so tired yesterday i just sat down and eat a chocolate orange and read heat. but luckily today I'm not due in college till 11.30 so i have time to do a little post! i don't have much to say so i'll leave you with the photos. and the photos are quite dark but it's because of all the lighting. I hope you enjoy seeing what it looked like!
not great photos cause of the lighting. but this was my deisgn team. with our body adornments i'm on the end with the fans.

Another of my Deisgn team together.

Me and my body adornment
so sorry about the bad photos the lighting was awful in the room! but yeah i had so much fun and I'm sad it's over now. last day today and I'm only in for an hour or so to watch the video of the fashion show. then it's christmas! getting the tree today so I'm happy.

Urgh this took me so long to do because blogger was telling me i couldn't upload any pictures because I'd used up all my 1gb space or something? does anyone else know what they mean...

almost forgot to mention but i have a new header! what do you all think? it's better then the other one right. It's made by the lovely Lydia-lee, so thank you Lydia i love it!


  1. wow looks like you had an amazing time!! how exciting. I'd love to do one :)




  2. BRILLIANT designs.

    love the header hehe, that was my favourite too!

  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know that i've sent on a stylish blogger award to you because i love to read your blog and love your style :) find it here: http://jenniemasters.blogspot.com/2010/12/stylish-blogger-award.html xo

  4. Gorgeous designs! Was so nice hearing about the project, hopefully you'll get another one as interesting soon (:

  5. Becky-May- yeah it was so good! xx

    Lydia-Lee- aw thanks, hehe thanks for making it for me!

    Jennie masters-aww thank you! xo

    Michelle- thanks! and i know i hope i get a good project like this again, doubt it :( it's life drawing now and i'm bad at that!


  6. It looks amazing, well done with the show you and your team did a great job!
    And I love your new banner, it's so cute and so 'you' hehe

    xx Iris

  7. Wow your outfits are amazing!! And well done on your fashion show it looks fab! We used to do one in Sixth Form for three nights once a year and it was incredible - you get such a buzz being on the catwalk but I completely understand how much it tires you out too! Have a good weekend :) x

  8. awhh well done chickie.
    bet that's a relief it's over with.

    love the new header too m'dear

    love, emma xx

  9. Oooh these are incredible, well done on your project!

  10. These paper cut out costumes look cool, reminds me of the artwork of SWOON


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