04 December 2010

04 December

4th december already?! thats gone fast.

Anyway, I have been trying to upload a video for most of this evening but it just doesn't seem to be working? anyone know what the best way to do it is, i recorded it on Imovie and now it just wont upload? wasn't sure if i wanted to post it anyway cause i wasn't sure if it was that good haha. anyone got any suggestions on a video blog i could do? Instead today i am going to show you some things i want from the new beyond retro online shop! I love beyond retro, we have a big warehouse store thing in the lanes in brighton and it's just full off amazing vintage goodies. I also love the beyond retro in London. I get a lot of things from there! the website didn't amaze me that much but i did find 4 cardigans/jumpers i fell in love with so i thought I'd show you them!

1.1970's  Cardigan £18
2. 1990's Cardigan £16
3.Cosy Cardigan £16
4.Cozy Cardigan £20

 Gotta love a good ol' cosy knit. And these are some beauties. my favourite has to be the mustard yellow one and the last one.  actually forget that..they're all my favourite! i could see myself wearing each one. Ah please say they stay on the website till after christmas, so i can spend my money no them. I doubt it very much though.

I thought just because this is a short post I would show you my final design Fashion pieces from College, seeing as i am going to have to wear one of them.

Sorry there not great quality pictures, i took them really quick when i was leaving college. But i thought I'd show you so we can have some different thoughts on them! it's me and my college friend Jessamine working together to make a body adornment out of paper, we keep getting told ours look too much like garments and are meant to be sculptors. but yeah anyway! we're thinking off going for the 3rd one. I have to wear the piece we make so i want it to be good. What do you all think? Tell me which one you would choose!
so all the snow is now gone in Brighton which i thought i would be happy about but i miss the snow! It made everything look so pretty. And it didn't really disrupt any of my plans because i live near college and i live near town? so yeah. I loved it! it's been raining all day, wouldn't say i was feeling my best today. I had a really sore throat this week and it's got a bit better but it's still a little worse. and probably the fact that i didn't get in till 5 this morning and drunk a bit too much vodka and then wine...and then a bit more wine. couldn't of helped! and it was still icy so i slipped a lot. got very nice bruises all over me now haha!
Thank you for all the lovely comments, I'm almost at 100 followers! I can't believe it. I should probably do a giveaway but i don't know if i can afford it right now. And I'm not really sure how to do it actually haha. Maybe another time but yeah thank you to all my followers you mean a lot <3


  1. I love your sketches, you are very talented:) xx

  2. love the bottom two cardigans. very cute. and your sketches look great. x

  3. great sketches! love those cardigans, i've been looking for some exactly like that. i need to make a trip to lanndann!<3

  4. Yey for the red wine!! Great work. Shame about the video, maybe google a way to upload, I don't have a mac, I'm useless. Although you can rec from youtube, thats what I do, gives you an option to preview and edit. So easy. Xx

  5. I didn't realise beyond retro had a website :) thank youuuu! I've just bought a cosy cream cable knit cardi! it's so cheap compared to anywhere on the highstreet :D
    Love the ones you've picked! x

  6. i love beyondretro so much - in fact i'm taking a much needed trip to the london one tomorrow! love the brighton one too though :) x

  7. So many comfy fabulous cardigans!

  8. Oria- oh wow thanks! x
    Caitlin- thank you x

    Irene- i know there great! and saaame, defiantly going up for January sales xxx

    FromGemWithLove-oh i never thought about doing it on youtube! good idea, thanks xx

    Kim Parslow- yeah they've just set one up! oh i really want a cable knit, thanks x

    Head over heels- oh lucky, i wish i was going to london. Yeah the London one is good x

    jadore- i know!

    theonlyfashionprincess- thankyou!!

    thank you for all the comments <3


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!