09 November 2010

Wish list

So I'm going to add a new feature to rosedl blog! it's called wish list wednesday. even though I'm posting it on a Tuesday today? hmm anyway it will normally be on a Wednesday  i was just abit eager to do it and then realised it was a Tuesday but thought ah well. So it'll be everything I'm lusting over in the week. So clothes, shoes makeup ect anything!

all from topshop! lovin topshop at the moment. these are a few off the things i want this week. which i also can't afford :( but i have fallen in love with the black dress with floral panels. NEED that in my wardrobe. really don't have £80 to fork over for a dress though! but it's just so lovely. also really like the aran cardigan. I like the colour too, really need a warm cardigan for my wardrobe. I need a new pair of gloves too! i have mittens at the moment but they are really annoying and i feel restricted wearing them so these gloves would be perfect. and they're so cute with the bow and everything! I'm loving the peachy/salmon colour this week as you can see. well actually the gloves and cardigan are more of a camel colour. but in that colour range i guess haha! this cape shirt thing is really nice! i guess it's not very practical for winter but it looks so comfy and flowy! I've been wanting a scarf for ages! Iv'e actually wanted a headscarf for a a while but i guess this topshop one will do! I think i might just go vintage and pay less though, but this topshop one does have a dog and i do love dogs.
Sorry about not doing an outfit post. I've been put on a disciplinary at college and had to get ALL my work finished for Wednesday so that means I've been working all today as soon as i got in (5pm) so i didn't really have time to take a picture of waht i wore cause as soon as i got in i put an old t-shirt on and some leggings so i didn't get paint on my good clothes. 
I've been having wardrobe nightmares at the moment. I really need some new things. I feel unispired by the things i have, oh well christmas soon! and I'm sure I'll be going up to London after for the January sales can i wait that long though? probably not. BUT on the good note Urban Outfitters should be opening soon in Brighton! it's been under construction for soo long now it has to be open soon. couldn't be more excited i mean it's one of my favourite shops and now that it's in Brighton..lets just say i'll be in dept of the bank of mum!
anyway thank you for all the comments once again! and also all the views of my blog! i think i got to 69 yesterday? I mean to some people that might not be alot but thats the most I've had..so i couldn't thankyou enough for the support! I also went over 50 followers so i couldn't be happyer. I was going to do a giveaway but at the moment i really don't have enough money to buy anything to give away. But i'm sure i will do a giveaway some time in the near future! I should post tomorrow if I'm not too busy, I pick up all my textiles work tomorrow from my old school so i might show you some of my work. especailly my shoe collection i made. I made some out of sweet wrappers haha! i was proud of them cause they took along time to design and make!  so once again thankyou! 


  1. The floral dress with panels is amazing, I considered it for my uniform allowance at work to be told there was no way KM was allowed :( sad times

    R x

  2. lovely choices, now folllowing you!

  3. I'm loving Topshop's Autumn pieces. The colours of these items are so lovely, especially the Blush tone. Gorgeous x


  4. Love your picks, especially those cute gloves - the bows are darling!

  5. I am loving Topshop at the moment I had a bit of a blow out there the other day and literally had to stop myself. Great picks love that cardigan xoxo Ohh and fab news about UO coming to Brighton :)))

  6. Lovely pieces, I adore the dress.
    Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite stores too.

  7. i bookmarked 3 & 4 on my blog too, they're tooooo nice! LOVE topshop at the minute.
    followed <3


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