11 November 2010

Rainy day

Sorry i didn't post anything yesterday, I've been so tired from college and stuff i just didn't feel up to it. but today even though the weather was absolutely vile. i decided to do one for you lovely people! I've realised how much i wear the same clothes over and over again i just can't afford to pay to buy myself some new clothes! it's awful, i really need some proper winter clothes. I might do a post soon on winter coats because I've seen a few i want! anyway what i wore today was my H&M skirt that i always wear! it's so comfy, and it's the only skirt i wear really. i also wore my Vintage knit cardigan, which sadly has ripped a bit at the collar :( and then because of the ridiculous weather i put on another layer of my AA hoodie. i know I've said this before but i don't' know how i lived without it before!! it's so good. I'm so happy at the moment though my hair has gotten so long! it defiantly needs  a cut though because it's getting really matted at the back but...it's LONG! need it to be longer though, and i want my fringe to be long too! so tomorrow I've decided to experiment a bit with my clothes, wear something i don't normally wear? hmm i might not stick to it but i'll have a go, I might make it my new 30 day challenge, or maybe a weeks challenge. a whole week of wearing something different that isn't my usual style. I'll try!! don't think i have enough clothes for it but we'll see. I'm going to save my money so i can go on splurge and go round some charity shops to find some things! a new start for me. I've realised how confident I've become. I'm not the most confident person in the world but I've defiantly change as a person! I'm alot better now. And i feel happier about myself and my life at the moment. Even though i seem to be loosing contact with some of my friends from secondary school. I've made some great ones at college and i still have my best friend lily.
me and lily at prom!
thanks once again for the follows, I'm on 55 now!! thankyou x


  1. Aw I love your cardigan! Totally know what you mean, I don't have nearly enough Winter clothes, so I don't want to leave the flat and risk freezing to death! Sounds like a good challenge, I'm tempted to join you on it! xxxxx

  2. That's a great idea to try different clothes you may not normally go for and browing through charity shops is a good way to find something different.

  3. ^^ i agree with vintage dreams, i always find gems in charity shops, especially now that really retro/vintage things are around and all the old dears have no idea they're sitting on a fabrical gold mine! yet they donate it all anyway - bless.

    i digress, great blog!


  4. Amazing look for a day out in the city! Love the way you styled those pieces.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Froso from Style Nirvana


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