14 November 2010

Winter Warmers

Well we all know it's defiantly winter now, it's bloody freezing. So 
i've decided to invest in some 'winter warmers' because i just can't cope with being this cold! I don't have many clothes at the moment because of lack of funds. But when i do get some money I'm defiantly going to be snapping up some winter clothes. so here is what I'm liking at the moment. Mostly coats really but some other things too.

                 All Asos
I've been wanting a Leather and fur jacket for so long now! i was almost going to buy one from Topshop a few months ago but backed out and bought the Denim jacket version instead. not regretting that at all! but i wish i had bought both because i did have enough money. shame oh well! this one from Asos is really nice too so i might have to buy this when i get a bit of money together. I'm loving these peter pan dresses! All of them are really good but i just don't think I'd wear the mustard yellow colour. But these two are brilliant especially the black monochrome look. This Aran knit cardigan is just what I'm looking for this winter. When i went to cornwall there was a shop selling them for £35 or £25..i can't remember! but i wish i had bought it i regret it so much. it was the day i was feeling really ill from a cold so i wasn't in the shopping mood. I need a good winter coat and i normally go for plain black coats but I'm thinking off changing this. this Asos coat is lovely! theres one from Topshop i liked too but it was a blue colour. I think this one will look really nice layered up and with a black scarf. I'm not sure what i think about parkas. I really do like them but I'm not sure if they go with my style? I saw this one on Asos too and i did fall a bit in love with it i must admit. Maybe it's just because of the Model wearing it. it looks great on her! probably wouldn't look like that on me though. hmm i might have to make a risk and buy one

                                                                                        All Topshop

Snoods are so great aren't they! I really really want one because i do have a bit of a scarf fetish i must admit. So i really do need one in my life. This Topshop one is great I love the colour too it's becoming a favourite colour of mine this winter. and it goes with pretty much everything. I like these but i'm not sure about the price tag i might just buy a cheaper version in H&M bit in black. another Aran knitted cardigan this ones brilliant too! hmm decisions decisions. I love stripes and who doesn't? everyone needs a striped top in their wardrobe don't they. actually i have quite a few! but i do love this one it's a kind of browny colour too which is a bit different but i really like it! plain and simple but oh so fashionable. I've been contemplating this coat for a very long time now and i still don't know what to do. It's weird because it's really not my usual style but I've been loving leopard print at the moment. I wanted a peter pan dress the same as this. hmm i think i might just go for it and buy it! I'm always not confident enough to go for anything too 'out there' but maybe i should change a bit.

Sorry i haven't got the prices on theses but i kind off forgot when i was doing it and then i couldn't be bothered to go through the websites! yes i am very lazy but who cares. hope you enjoyed this post and i hope you all had a lovely weekend 
I'm on 1499 page views! come on we can make it 1500 can we not? so happy with the amount of views i'm getting from my blog! I'm starting to feel like people actually appreciate my blog and read it and enjoy it. It's really nice! so thank you

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  1. I love the peter pan collar dresses. I got myself one from Miss Selfridge a while back and love it. The chunky knit cardigan looks like a great Winter warmer too.

  2. Peter Pan collars are my absolute love at the moment, there's something so little-girl, classic and 60's about them all at the same time! The ASOS parka jacket looks really nice, I wish I could justify buying another jacket this Winter! xxx

  3. Vintage Dreams- I know there great, i am going to buy one soon i hope.

    Michelle- yeah there very 60's! i love them. I know i wasn't sure about it but i do defiantly like it. it's just if i'm brave enough to wear it out (not that i can actually afford to buy it haha) i really need a coat! xxx

  4. I love each and every single one of your topshop and asos picks - most of them I actually already have bookmarked, and the ones I don't (only 2!) I'm bookmarking now! I must go shopping asap!

    Thanks for the post! It is so bloody cold right now!

    Have you become a Fashion Stereotype yet?

  5. i adore these peterpan collar dresses, and the coats are so cute! my favourite is the asos camel coloured one :) i had the dress from topshop the same as the coat, and i really liked it but i ordered a size too big and i looked really frumpy but i regret not getting it now in a smaller size! xo

  6. daisy kate- oh thats good! and yes so do i, NEED SHOPPING! I know it's bloody freezing right now. And no? I don't know what it is, care to explain :)?

    jennie masters- yeah i love the asos camel one too! Wish i could afford it. oh i do love that dress, I was really tempted to buy it! but i wasn't sure if it would suit my figure that well, I should probably try it on and see :) xx

  7. I love the blue dress!!xx



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