14 November 2010

Sunday blog week 8

Hello people! i forgot that I've changed 'Monday blog' to a Sunday now. It feels weird cause I've been writing Monday blog for 7 weeks now (woah 7 weeks thats crazy!) so yeah. but i think i prefer to do it on a Sunday because I can tell you all about my week and weekend.

001. so this weekend has been a pretty boring weekend on Friday i stayed at my friends and that has been it really. god it's been boring, I set out to finish all my work in time for my assesment on Tuesday but of course it didn't happen. for some reason i just can't motivate myself to do work. it's really hard! but i've got a bit done today so i guess thats good. just realised this photo I've got no make up on! I'm thinking off maybe not wearing so much make up anymore. when i go to college and stuff

002. last week was a good week. tiring but a good week we were doing fun things at college such as 3D work and textiles which is great for me cause i love doing textiles! we did applique so it was good.  the weather has been pretty crap in Brighton recently so I've been finding it hard to find any good clothes to wear. in need of a shopping trip!

003. My friends gone up to London today and i couldn't be more jealous i wish i was there right now! I'm stuck indoors trying to finish this work. She's off shopping now waaaah jealous. Anyway i'm off to London on Wednesday with my college so i guess it's not all bad! were going to British Museum. I'm hoping to get some pictures and outfit pictures but annoyingly I've lost my camera charger?! no idea where it is. Camera has a little bit of charge left but i doubt it's going to last long so i don't know what i'm going to do! need to find it somewhere. i bet it's in a place thats really obvious but i just haven't looked properly? argh it's annoying.

004. This week I'm only in college Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and i have Thursday Friday off so it's good! a little bit of a relaxed week i think. well apart from Monday and Tuesday because thats assessment days and i need to get all my work finished. I'm hoping to go charity shopping this week, i think i might go on Thursday! so i'll post my buys if i go.

005. Well this is the end of my Sunday blog. I never get many comments on these blog posts i'm not sure if i should carry on with it? hmm I'll see. I'm off to finish my work (well attempt to anyway) does anyone else get it where they distract themselves by eating or making cakes? I ALWAYS do it. I mean i've eaten so much today but i'm still hungry. I just don't get it. Trying to resist the craving of chocolate. My mums making a banana cake so that'll satisfy my cravings..for a while. Tomorrow I'll probably post a picture of what I'm planning to wear to London.  i will need your thoughts on it ;)


  1. Mmm banana cake sounds so yummy.

  2. i love your shirt ;)
    and The blog is great

  3. i love this photo!!!

    xx Marina


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