03 November 2010

Wednesday wardrobe

i can't think of any titles for these posts. so i don't bother haha. anyway today i'm so tired i got out of college at 12 today which is normally not the case so i went down the beach in the rain to collect things for my project then went round some charity shops with my college friend. didn't find any clothes but i did find 2 friends dvds for £1 each! so happy. so since i've been in it's all i've been doing. well and attempting to do some of my college work. but anyway heres what i wore today

ok so i am wearing my new jumper again! it's so comfy i can't seem to take it off, this time i wore it with my H&M tight skirts and Primark grey t-shirt and it's more see through then i thought!? sorry I'm not concentrating because Friends is on.  but also again i'd like to say thankyou all for the views on my blog!! i couldn't believe it. i got so many views then i normally do! so happy.
I'll keep reminding you but I'll comment back to all the comments i get now so please please come back to see what i've said! if your interested? if not then just thanks for commenting


  1. Oh you're so lucky to live so close to the beach! Friends DVDs for a pound?! SO jealous, I've been dithering for months over whether to splurge for that huge box set. I love that grey shirt, looks more Urban Outfitters than Primark, what a find! xxxx

  2. That jumpers so cute :)

  3. haha I love that jumper looks so warm and wintery :)

    jealous you live near the beach

  4. Michelle- i know it is lucky to live in brighton but i wish i lived in london more :( and i know best charity shop i've been in. going back to get more me thinks haha xxx

    Harriet- thanks :)

    Megan- thankyou! it is very warm and wintery. and i know it is good...buuuut i wish i lived in London so much :(

  5. so so so so jealous of your hair!! xxx

  6. I don't blame you for not being able to take that jumper off, it looks so cute and cosy!

  7. emma- really?! god i hate my hair most of the time haha. thankyou though xxx

    Katie- i know it's lovely haha! feel so warm in it xx

    kirstyb- thanks xxx


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!