02 November 2010


I'm taking advantage of having a mac right now. I keep using photo booth to take my blog pictures! which i shouldn't because there not great quality. but right now I'm really not fussed with the whole quality of the pictures. does it matter that much? hmm..
anyway i popped into town today after i finished college and i had £20 left over from some money i had saved and i thought well i don't really need clothes right now so i thought i'd treat myself to some makeup! well 1 piece of makeup. i normally go for the cheapest foundation because i can't afford expensive ones. this ones still cheap in some peoples books but for me it was a bit expensive. it cost me £12.99 and it's max factor miracle touch and i have to say! it's actually really good and i think it's worth the price! so has anyone else bought this and loved it as well?

another thing is who else LOVES Kate moss' new fringe. It's so lovely and apparently she cut it herself, wow. It's really convincing me to get a full fringe

oh almost forgot to say. I cannot believe how many views i'm getting on my blog each day it's going up! and so are my followers. i couldn't be happyer so thankyou all. you are all so lovely!!! i read all comments and i will try and reply back to all off them X


  1. Yes actually, I did a blog on this foundation when I first bought it. It is really good, and i also have to agree on the fact that i normally go for the cheapest option but splashed out a bit on this. Great buy xo

  2. i've never used maxfactor! or foundation for that matter, but for a really light coverage + moisture, i use benefit's you rebel tinted moisturiser. it's about £20 but one tube lasts aaaages! x

  3. Lauren Ellingham- i know it's really good! glad i splashed out cause i think it's worth the money x

    Danniekate- oh i've always wanted some benefit makeup. bit too expensive for me though! x

  4. got to love photobooth! and moss' fringe is lovely, it really suits her (:


  5. Waaa I still don't use foundation at all! I like to use tinted moisturiser if I'm looking particularly awful though. xxx

  6. Oooh I needed new foundation once and a friend worked at Boots so thought I would treat myself with her discount to that foundation and have never looked back since it is amazing!

    R x

  7. Rebbecca- I know i do love abit of photobooth! i know i love her new fringe! x

    Kirstyb- no problem x

    Michelle- i probably shouldn't use foundation because i think it makes my skin bad but i can't not! i used to have mac tinted moisturizer but i ran out and now can't afford to buy it again haha! xxx

    The Robyn Diaries- i know i love it, used it for first time today and wow! it's so creamy and nice x


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!