04 November 2010

not so bright Brighton

I don't really have an outfit post today cause i was busy but i did take 1 photo. i thought this post would be too boring with just 1 photo right? so i decided to show you some of my college work. never done this before and might not do it again cause i normally hate all the work i do. no exception here but i thought i'd give it a go!
outfit i wore today. stripped t-shirt (H&M), Grey hoodie (American Apparel), Denim jacket (Topshop), scarf (H&M)

so they are all my metal work we did in the workshops the other day. it was so fun! drilling and welding. i loved it..defiantly want to make some bigger final pieces made from metal. would be a good outcome i think, sorry if this is boring you? oh well i don't mind. i want you to see some of my work and some of the things i get up to when i'm at college!

I also thought I'd show you some pictures i took when i went out to the beach the other day. it's great living in Brighton. being so close to the beach! so if you've never been to Brighton then this is what it looks like..kind off? the weather wasn't great that day so the pictures are gloomy

 this is my favourite thing i've done at college for a while, it was really fun cause normally we do art things and i'm more of a textiles girl so it was alot better all in all for me! this was my outcome. we had to inspire it by the things we found on the beach. so i weaved in seaweed and shells. aswell as using colours matching those such as a red and blue. whats your thought on it? be honest i need honesty here haha! tell me what you think i could improve on the second one i am about to start.

sorry about the mish mash of post today. it's not great is it? but i'd rather do something then not post atall! I probably wont be posting tomorrow as i'm at college till 2 then i'm off to Lewes for bonfire night! and won't be back untill saturday but probably be asleep all saturday day. so hope you all have a lovely 5th of november! 


  1. those weaves are awesome! YOur jacket is amazing. I love Brighton I'm supposed to be living there next year xx

  2. this fashion lark. - thankyou! and yes brighton is lovely :)

    Cowbiscuits- thanks! and really?? ah you'll love it. it's a good place to live haha xx

  3. ive only been to brighton once, when i was way to young to rememberer, but im supposed at uni there next year! so should probably get down there soon..
    plus i really like your jacket x

  4. your blog is really something special!
    I´ve ever wanted to visit brighton one day :) and I´m really looking forward to it!

  5. yemi- oh you really should, it's great! and thankyou x

    annierama- aw thankyou so much! you should visit x

    hiven- thanks, and i will hopefully try and enter your giveaway x

  6. Love the weave its really rustic and has lots of texture! I also love your jacket! Your so lucky you live in Brighton, hope you had fun at the bonfire last night :)

    R x


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