16 November 2010


Hello! I'm sorry i haven't posted since Sunday. I've literally had SO much work load as it was deadline today for my project. So had a lot of last minute (as always because i leave everything to the end) things to do. But i can final RELAX as i have finished it all and have no more to do. well until tomorrow! but tomorrow is a good day because I'm off to London to visit the British Museum,  I was excited because i thought we were going to be drawing fashion and old fashioned things, BUT were drawing artefacts? Yeah so i am not that excited anymore, But at least it's a day off college and a trip up to London, I haven't been to London since the start of Summer so it is in need! I love London wish it was my hometown :( anyway I don't really have much of a post today because well..I got home about 20 minutes ago because i stayed at college till 7.15 and yeah i only had 1 break today so i am absolutely exhausted, I'm snuggled up in bed with crumpets a cup of tea and watching Kirstie's homemade home which is actually making me feel like i want to get up and make a cushion! hmmm maybe that should be a new task of mine? so i apologise for the boring and well..just nothing post! I will be back on form tomorrow because I'll take some pictures of my outfit tomorrow, I'm going to try and plan it tomorrow! I can tell it's going to be icy cold so i'm thinking layers layers and more layers.so i added some pictures of me drinking ma tea, very interesting right? Well thought it would look better with some pictures so enjoy, I have my hair scrapped back and i'm in my pjs! very tired right now. and thanks again for all the comments it's very nice of you all! and remember i will ALWAYS reply to your comments so please please come back and check what I've said!


  1. Sorry you've been so hectic. Hope you enjoy your trip to London.

  2. who doesnt leave everything to the end? i've never heard of anyone :)

  3. Lovely blog. Hope life get's a little less busy for you. :)

  4. i wish london was my home town too :(

    love the mug chica :)

    love love <3

  5. I went to the british museum with uni last year but I didn't like it that much. The V&A was loads better, we drew all the fashion stuff there and they has a student exhibition which was cool :) X

  6. AH my life is ridiculously hectic too! Ughhhh! Your mug is lovely by the way, and I agree London is lovely :D xx

  7. vintage dreams- thankyou! and i did thanks, it was really good
    Susanne- oh good it's not just me then haha! it's so bad i really shouldn't x
    C.- Thankyou x
    Wintage Net Voodle- ah don't we all? it's so great :) and thanks! i got it in waitrose hahah! xxx
    \little rambling rose- i know i much prefer the V&A but oh well, i had a fun day with some of my college friends and a good blueberry muffin hahaha, not much drawing got done x
    shabna- i know it's horrible, It's a little less hectic as my deadline was yesterday and i've got a new start now! and i know i just love london!! xx

    thankyou for all the comments!


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!