06 November 2010

The morning after

again i am not feeling too great, last night i went to Lewes for bonfire night and it was well ...eventful is a word i could use! not going to elaborate but lets say i don't feel too good right now. but i took some photos this morning to show you what i wore! i had the same problem last weekend that i didn't show the outfit i wore then i had to take a photo the morning after. anyway heres what i wore

 so i wore my friends dress from New look. it's a velvet dress and it had a fiver off. i really like it! so I've got her to go get me one and I pay her back mwahaha. but instead of wearing it was a dress i decided o wear it as a top because it was abit too big for me. i wore my H&M skirt over the top with my Ribbed tights also from H&M. then i wore my trusty Topshop boots. i also wore my american apparel hoodie over the top because it was cold! so this is a quick post just to show you what i wore because i have to crack on with my college work. have to finish 3 A1 sheets and another weave for monday so i better get on with it. i work so slowly so it takes me ages to actually finish anything! i've had 3 weeks to finish these A1 sheets and I've only started 1. so i hope you all had a good bonfire night, let me know what you all did i'd love to hear! and also thanks for all the comments and follows! I'm almost at 50. woohooo
I'll keep replying to all your comments! so keep checking back.

I've been told once again today that i look like twiggy. I've been getting it so much recently!? i mean i'm not complaining it's probably one of the best compliments i've ever had and it's so lovely. but i'm sorry i just REALLY don't see it atall? she's so beautiful and i'm well...i'm just not! do any of you have people telling you you look like someone? if so who!


  1. the velvet dress is so sweet, looks really good as a top. glad you had a good time on bonfire night xo

  2. Love the red velvet dress and it's great you can wear it as a top too.

  3. thank-you for your lovely comment, i adore your velvet dress/top, so pretty! xx

  4. beewaits- thank-you and i did have a very good bonfire night

    Susanne- thank-you

    Vintage Dreams- i know it's great isn't it

    Chanel-Girl- thanks!

    Jazzabelle- no worries, thankyou!


  5. i love the colour of that dress! my fave colour atm. followed xoxo

  6. you are prettier than Twiggy !!!!!!!!!!!! somehow velvet suits you

  7. AH I love the dress, is this the one you were on about on my velvet post? Is it the one from the teen section? I might have to get myself it even though I'm trying not to spend money on myself atm! xx

  8. typepeace- yeah it's a great colour! one of my fav at the moment too, and thankyou!

    starcakesastroglogy- oh wow...THANKS! thats really put a smile on my face. I don't really think i do look like her atall! but what a great compliment thankyou

    jessikavalentine- yeah it was :) but i'm not sure if it's in the teen section? it might be! xx

  9. I found one in the teen section that had a nicer back, I usually find the oldest age which is about 14-15 years works a lot of the time :)


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!