07 November 2010

Nose ring

I thought I'd do a quick post, and i've already posted something today but oh well! I wanted an opinion on my nose ring. I just put it in and i normally have a tiny stud but i though I'd try this out. what do you lot think? personally i think it's too bulky ofor my face so i might take it out soon

I look like such a pea in the last picture, but i though i'd show you a close up picture of it, what do you think? it's a bit too thick i think. so if you comment then thanks :)


  1. mine is the exact same one I think, it fits nice and snug to your nose so think it looks good :) I dont think it is too thick I just think they take a little while to get used too on your face!

    R x

  2. This doesn't look bad, but I think a tiny stud would be more chic. Either way, you definitely have the face that can pull of either.

  3. I loooooove it :)))))



  4. I'm not a fan of nose rings so my opinion is biased, though I agree with Alyse I think a stud is more elegant and you can pull it off.

  5. cute nose ring! i think the hoop looks badass.

  6. thanks for the advice, i ended up taking it out and put my old stud back in! because i felt weird wearing it. maybe if i find a really thin ring thats barely visible then i might go with that! but thanks xo

  7. It really suits you :) I really want my nose pierced again but work would probably kill me :(



Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!