07 November 2010

Like, love and hate

i saw people do this on their blogs and i thought i'd give it a go. I'll show you all the things I love like and hate


   i like people who make me laugh and smile

i like watching Gossip girl
i like vintage clothing shopping
i like Christmas at Starbucks
i like london
i like the mighty boosh
i like playsuits 
i like autumn
i like christmas
i like my cats and dog
i like textiles and creating things
i like Fashion
I like Ed westwick..too much

i love my family
i love reading blogs and blogging

today, it's sunday. And i'm spending the day finishing off college work, Urgh

i hate feeling betrayed
i hate bad hair days
i hate mushrooms
i hate when the weathers in between good and bad (what do you wear?!)
i hate liars.
i hate when i act awkward in front of a good looking boy
i hate being so shy 
i hate running out of clothes half way through the week
I hate..wow can't think of anything else to write. 

thought i'd make the gossip girl picture big. just because of the amazingness of Chuck Bass in the picture. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading.
    I think we like and love a lot of the same things. Christmas at Starbucks HEAVEN!

  2. 'I like Ed westwick..too much'
    I love that one haha!

  3. Eee completely agree with you! Ed Westwick, hubba hubbaaa! Hope you've had a lovely day miss! xx

  4. Vintage dreams- mm i now. best two things i think!

    Harriet- haha! it just had to be said

    Susanne- thanks :)

    Michelle- mmm ed mmmm hahaa, and thankyou! hope you did too


  5. Ahh loving that last picture - I'm a Gossip Girl addict!! xo


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!