01 November 2010

monday blog week 6

01. firstly I'm sorry, I'm using a picture that I've already featured on this blog. I wasn't in the photo mood tonight as I'm pretty tired and i got back from college quite late, I'm trying to be more well don't know what the word is but i need to work harder so I've decided to stay late at college most days!. so yeah thats why i didn't take a new picture

02. so on the subject of college. I started a new project today, it's called beachcomber, I'm really happy because it's more of a practical project instead of doing the whole fine drawing side of Art. which is the side i can't do! were going into the work shops and working with metal and sewing machines. So i'm a very happy person! and then after this project which is only a two week one it's the Fashion project! ah couldn't be more excited. theres a fashion show at the end of it so it's just my dream project. Don't think I've been this excited about college in a while. so it's good!

03. wow I've been abit shocked last night and tonight, I've had so many more page views then i normally ever get!! and i am so happy. thank-you all for visiting my blog and commenting. and also i'm at 39 followers now so 1 more to 40! yay I'm a happy person right now.

04. so my day today was a pretty boring day. woke up at 7.30 and got ready then went to college for 9.20! it's not as hard as it was before because of the changing clocks. so i wasn't AS tired as i normally am..but still i am defiantly not a morning person! college was okay. we had to do painting today so that wasn't good but tomorrow we're starting the good side of the project tomorrow so hopefully it'll be better. i literally can't believe how early it gets dark now! it's so depressing and horrible. i feel like i don't see day light because i go to college then spend my whole day in the studio then when i leave it's pitch black?! it's just not right.

05. so on Friday, of course you all now it's bonfire night! I don't normally like it but this years going to be good. I'm going to Lewes fireworks night and it should be a laugh! all i want to do is just get drunk. It's hard because the last train is at 12 and i don't want to leave then and if i don't get that train then the next train is at 5 in the morning..hmm maybe I'll have to do an all nighter. I need some advice on what i should wear. Apparently it's meant to be cold and rainy but i still want to look stylish? anyone want to give me suggestions from my outfit posts i've done! what are you all doing for fireworks night and are any of you going to lewes!?

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