17 November 2010

7 things about me

Once again i have not got an outfit post. I was in London all day today from 8.30 till about 7 but the museum was a fun day, wish i had  gone to V&A but it was still fun, realised how much i like my friends at  college. there all people i've known for a term or so and i get on with some of them SO much, such as three of us, me Jessamine and Hannah. it's like we've known eachother for so long! I've kind off grown apart from my old friends apart from my best friend. So it's nice to have new friends! anyway i saw Vicky who writes the lovely aha shake heartbreaker blog do a post on 7 things about herself so i thought because i didn't have a outfit post i'll do this! for you to get to know me. even though I've been blogging for a little while i thought I'd still do it
(sorry if there abit crap..I'm not really that interesting haha)

1. I'm a triplet and the only girl of the triplet

2. I weighted 3lbs when i was born

3.  I'm 17 and live at home with my parents and brothers in Brighton

4. i have a weird sense of humour, I joke about everything

5. My dream is to live in London, preferrably notting hill? or west kensington. Dreams dreams which most probably won't happen! but lets hope shall we.

6. I am at college, Doing a subsidiary diploma in Art and Design, I dream to go onto doing Fashion/Textiles because thats what i love.

7. I only have 1 best friend and her name is Lily, Only known her for a year but she's like a sister too me.

hmm not that interesing! but it tells you abit more about myself, why don't you all give it ago!
so thanks for reading, and tell me some interesting things about you? I'd love to hear!


  1. nice to know a little bit more about you :))

  2. Hey, I've only just started following you - you have a lovely blog.

    This post amused me somewhat - I'm also a triplet, the only girl and I think I weighed about the same when I was born!

    Louise x


  3. Susanne- thought it would be g good if you all did :)

    Louise Nowelle- Thanks for the follow! and omg i have never found another triplet before haha! i got so excited when i read your comment!! and i'm love with your jewllery and the new peter pan colour t-shirts, defiantly on my christmas list x

  4. Aww, I knew a few sets when I was a kid, but I haven't really known any as an adult! I'm really pleased you like my jewellery :) Have a lovely evening x

  5. I had no idea you were a triplet, that's amazing (: I'd love to live in the Notting Hill area, it's so quintessentially British and nice down there, I said I wanted to live there too when I worked in the area over summer! I might pinch this for my blog soon! xx

  6. nice to know!!! i want to live in kensingon too!!

  7. Michelle- haha! I don't like it that much. Well i do cause i love my brothers but GOD there annoying! i know it's like my dream to live there! lets hope it'll happen, ah go on! i'd like to know abit more about you :)

    typepeace- thanks! and i know, my Uncle ives there it's just lovely xo


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